May 17, 2012

Early Reader Review: The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Tim Conrad

The Hunchback of Notre DameThe Hunchback of Notre Dame by Tim Conrad
Available: July 18, 2012
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Background: Tim Conrad retells the story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Review: It has been a long time since I have herd this story told, and I must say that I was not missing anything. Conrad did a good job but really it was just a re-write. Normally graphic novels are so compelling with their art and story telling that play off each other, here it did not and that was a fault. The illustrations of the characters were off, sometimes they looked alright, other times Esmeralda looked like the Hunchback. The text from the original story really just looked like it had been transplanted on top of the images, no re-write, just added, so there was not much appeal. I give it 2 stars because the Hunchback of Notre Dame is a decent story, but only 2 because Tim Conrad did not do it justice.

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