Jan 9, 2017

Discussion: Life/ Blog Balancing

Today is a Discussion Day here at Cover2CoverBlog. I am trying to start these a little more since they seem fun :) I hope you enjoy and if you have any topic suggestions let me know in the comments.

Today's Topic

Life/Blog Balancing!

2016 has come and gone... can you believe it?
I can't believe that it is already 2017! 

So since we are starting a new year and being fresh, I wanted to take today's Discussion Day to talk about how to find Life/ Blog balance and the techniques that I use and to see if you have any to lend me!

So let's get started!

We all need it, we talk about it a lot, and more often than not, we avoid the rest we need and get burnt out.

I have been blogging for about 4 years (I think- I can never remember) and I often feel like I am in over my head. I work full time and have a home life and social life...and my blog. This means loads of reading, prepping, reviewing, and online social media time. I know you feel me...

I think that for me it is important to remember that I don't make money off of blogging, I do it as a hobby because I love reading and sharing my opinions about books :). So if something needs to get cut out for a bit it is normally the blogging.

So how do we balance if cutting blogging out isn't working?

Over my years of blogging I have found a few different techniques that I use to limit myself, because a blog can become a full time job.
Here are some of those techniques...

Commenting in Batches!

Image result for speech bubbleYes I am 'that person' I hoard comments until I have a chance to do them - this is often in between work tasks during the day. I sit at a computer all day long and often have to wait for people to return my emails in order to keep trudging forward.  The comment that I do in batches are both the ones left on my blog but I also read and comment on blogs all at the same time too. I give myself a time limit and get going...which brings me to...

Time Limits! 

Image result for clock
If you have a billion things going on in your life and blogging is one of them, SET YOURSELF SOME TIME LIMITS. Say for example that you planto be online for 1 hour, allot some of it to reading/ commenting, some to social media, some to emails, some to prepping a review - choose what is a priority and get that done first and if you have more time stalk other bloggers :P

Blog Events!  
Another way I work on my blog in a meaningful way is to sign up for and use blogger events that help push me to achieve more in a short amount of time...
Blog events such as  Bloggiesta, Write-On Review-a-thon, & Blog Ahead  - I am SO thankful for these
   PageLines- bloggiestalogo.gif
I take the time during Bloggiesta to always do the things I am putting off - like updating cross-posting, adding to my "Reviews by Author" page, updating my TBR list and cleaning my email inbox up. I also back up my blog - but I try to do that more than just during event time.

Write-on Review-a-thon is what it sounds like, a weekend of reviews, all the reviews. So if you had a Read-a-thon and now need to catch back up on those reviews this event is awesome. BUT I am normally reading and have to review right away to get a post up :/

And last but certainly not least - Blog Ahead. This happens at least once a year (maybe twice), I participate in October to prepare for the holiday season. It is a challenge to prep and schedule 31 posts (1 a day) to go live after October - so Nov - the new year :) I love this even. It really pushes me to get things done and have content ready for the coming months so that I have to blog less during the time that family and friends should be  the priority.

Do you have any events you would recommend to help with the balance?

Loads of Planning!

I think that as a blogger most of the balance has to do with planning - loads of pre-planning, thus Blog Ahead but you really have to find the time to plan out your time. So ... PLANNERS, LISTS, CALENDARs... all the fun.

Image result for planner
I have a paper planner and use an Excel spread sheet. My paper planner has everything: work, home, blog all of it in one place. My excel sheet is all my TBR books, how I got them, when I need to review them, and ones still in limbo that I NEED to get to ASAP. This helps a lot when I am planning my monthly TBR posts. I read through what I need to get done and run with it. 

How do you plan? Do you have a calendar/ planner? Is it all in your head?

I know that everyone is different and I know that life happens, so if you are a blogger remember to take some time for you. Remember that your blog is yours, while followers love your content they will be understanding if something comes up. I started my blog as a hobby and I am really trying to keep it that way.

Let me know all of your coping and balancing techniques, I would love to heard them! 
Happy reading, happy blogging and Balancing everyone!

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