Apr 11, 2016

Movie Monday: The Princess Diaries #2

Movie Monday is a new feature at Cover2CoverBlog where I talk about Book-Movie Adaptations. If you have any recommendations let me know in the comments. 

This feature may contain SPOILERS to both the books AND the movies so read carefully.

Today's comparison is...
 The Princess Diaries 2
Movie the princess diaries 2.jpg

Written by Meg Cabot
Publisher: HarperTEEN
Directed by Garry Marshall/ Walt Disney Pictures

Release Date: 2004

Another Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD
So as you may know if you read the blog regularly, I have been reading The Princess Diaries series for the past few months. I really enjoyed the movies, and the books so far, and I even did a Movie Monday post about The Princess Diaries #1 movie and book...

So now that I have read 9 of the 11 books that are out in this series, and after calling out quite a few discrepancies with book one and the first movie, I wanted to talk about the 2nd movie - even more-so now because I heard that #3 might be on the way in the coming years. 

So lets talk about the books that I have read so far (#2-9) in relation to this movie. The Princess Diaries 2 comes much after the series of books from what I can tell. Books 2-9 are continuations of the previous installments- there are no huge time jumps. So for the 2nd movie in the series to be when Mia is 21 and having to choose a husband is crazy-pants if you ask me. We complete jump over a number of her teenage-princess troubles into her young adult troubles. Part of the appeal of the books is the teenage issues Mia has and how they are amplified because she is shy, dramatic, and a princess - the movies showed that in the first one but then run ahead to her older self for more comedy.

Like I mentioned, I did enjoy the movies, but having now read the books I find that they are a little wacky and while based on the premise of the books, they took a lot of liberties with that plot. 

With the recent news that there might be a 3rd movie in the series, I can only imagine what it will be about and where in Mia's life it will fall, since the last did not follow the book timeline. I still need to get completely caught up with the book series, I only have 2 to go (that have been released), but I don't think these will match up with the movies as they stand. 

I am interested to see where the books go and the new movie if it is made. The movies are fun romantic comedies regardless of how different they are from the books. But as I am a reader I have to say - the books are way better ;)

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