Apr 15, 2016

Book News: Playster adds new Publishers

A few months ago I had the pleasure of trying out a new online subscription service :
Playster is a subscription service for all sorts of things there are Games, Movies, Music and most importantly ...Books! You can read my initial review here.

A press release from April 6th shared some awesome news - Playster has added more publishers for their Audiobook inventory!

Playster is excited to announce the addition of several major publishers to its audiobook catalog, including Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, HarperCollins UK and Recorded Books.

Among the newly added authors are Marissa Meyer (Macmillan), Bill O'Reilly (Macmillan), Stephen King (Simon & Schuster), Agatha Christie (HarperCollins UK) and JRR Tolkien (HarperCollins UK and Highbridge Audio). "We're very pleased to have the Big Five publishers in Playster's audiobook library. Our catalog has been greatly strengthened by the latest additions to our service," said Playster CEO Philip Keezer. "Having all five major publishers offers readers an entire library in their hands anytime they want, without restrictions."

Playster Audiobooks

To try Playster and start a 30-day free trial visit: http://www.playster.com/

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