Dec 16, 2015

Early reader Review: Harley Quinn Volume 3 - Kiss Kiss Bang Stab by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti

Source: Received from Netgalley and DC Comics in exchange for an honest review. This in no way alters my opinion or review.

Harley Quinn Vol. 3: Kiss Kiss Bang StabHarley Quinn: Kiss Kiss Bang Stab
Series:Volume 3
Publisher: DC Comics
Publication Date:  December 15, 2015


Format: ebook



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Harley was certain she could have it all: She could be the world's best landlord, protect Coney Island from the scum of the Earth, woo Mason Macabre, work her day job as a psychiatrist, volunteer at the puppy shelter...but that's a whole lot of spinning plates, and eventually they're bound to start breaking! What happens when a psychopath cracks up? Is it possible for Harley to go even more insane?!

As you may know it you have been reading my reviews for a while, I am a huge fan of Harley Quinn, she is a wonderful antihero and I heart her so much. I saw volume three on Netgalley and requested it and even though I have read many of these issues as standalones I like to see the graphic novel volumes to see what all they put together

I was happily surprised to find the Holiday Special, which I sadly missed when it originally came out, and so I was excited to read that for the first time. I own the Annual but have yet to remove it from its packaging to read it so I was also nice to see that in there, and the rest of the comics included were fun ones. You get issues 14-16 of the current series and the Valentine's edition which is very funny.

I really liked this collection I think that being that it is coming out before the holidays they have perfect marketing for it -- since it does include the Holiday Special, but all the stories in this volume are LOL-worthy and if you are a fan of Harley already you would love this in your collection. I know I would :)


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