Dec 18, 2015

Blogger Pet Profiles!! - SHREKI and TIMMY

Hello lovely readers/ bloggers...

I have realized through my years of blogging that so many of us have pets and they are all adorable and should be shared with the internet world! My pets are my reading buddies and I love them like they are children. 

Here is your chance to share your lovely companions during this holiday time when we are sharing what we are oh so thankful for.

I have 4 pets and will be doing 3 posts to share them with you - there may even be a Linky too - if you are interested in posting and sharing your marvelous pets! 

So this is Shreki and Timmy...

Shreki and Timmy are our two bearded dragons, Shreki is a girl and Timmy is a boy - they were Shrek and Fiona before we knew their sexes... so we changed them. Timmy was "Tiny Tim" for a while but then he got big so now he is just Timmy.

Anywho - we had a Sudanese plated dragon that we adopted from a friend that couldn't take care of her and she eventually passed away of old age. Well we had this huge empty tank so we decided to go an get other lizards to fill it. When they were little Shreki and Timmy lived together in that one tank. Now they live in separate (gigantic) tanks because they don't really get along - so we have 2 giant tanks now. 

We have had them both for a little over 4 years and we take them out and let them run around in the office (we lock the dog and cat out - just in case). They have very different personalities and they are actually pretty loving for lizards. Shreki really likes me but runs away from my husband and Timmy tries to eat my fingers but doesn't mind Andy's hands in the tank...

Here are the beardies as babies...this is back when they liked each other.

Here are them older...

This is Shreki - she tends to be more active than Timmy and is more of a green/yellow color most of time.

This is Timmy - he is more orange and a bit fatter than Shreki.

 Do you want a linky? Let me know :)

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