Dec 14, 2015

Discussion Day: E-Readers

Today is a Discussion Day here at Cover2CoverBlog. I am trying to start these a little more since they seem fun :) I hope you enjoy and if you have any topic suggestions let me know in the comments.

Today's Topic
E-Readers (Pros and Cons)

Today I want to talk about the E-Reader and all the feels I have as an avid reader using/not using one.

I have always been a reader, I love books, I love hoarding books, and I would be happy to spend my life in a library or bookstore surrounded by them....but e-readers are just so handy! I own an original Kindle but have also been using the Kindle app on my Ipad.

So here are my Pros and Cons to the E-Reader...

  • You can carry these marvelous devices in bags and purses easily, the Nook is small enough for my husband to fit in some of his pockets. 
  • You can have a bajillion books with you at all times. 
    • Makes packing for trips much easier.
    • Makes accessing your library easier
    • You don't have to lug around piles of books
  • Most devices also have access to the internet so you can post your review and progress as you read, or Google while you are reading...
  •  They are "green," less paper being used.

  • You can adjust to your liking - background color, font color, type and size etc.

  • Some ebooks are FREE! or at least super cheap. I love to save a $$ 
  • E-Readers are generally a pretty pricey investment to start - I was lucky enough to be gifted my Kindle from family and my Ipad from my husband

  • You end up spending ALL the money on cheap books, because they are SO cheap. I find myself buying more books because of this fact.I have yet to read most of them :/

  • You can't flip pages - oh those beautiful pages!

  • It is difficult to leave notes and call them back easily - a normal post-it is a wonderful thing.

  • Book smell - you miss out on it. (Yes, I am the creeper sniffing books)

  • The BIGGEST con of all - they DIE! Imagine, you are at the 'good part' and all of a sudden your battery give out on you!!!! oh the agony!!!

  • To go with the above item - NOW you have to wait for it to re-charge.

Like I said, I love the handiness of the e-reader but there is a lot to be said for just having a good-ole bound book in your hands... As much as e-readers are great I will almost always go for a physical copy.

 What do you prefer? Ebooks or Physical ones? Let me know.

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