Mar 6, 2014

Monthly Re-Cap: February 2014

Hello Readers, Bloggers, and Awesome people! 


Another month down, here's another wrap-up- complete with Goodreads and Review links. 


What did you read or listen to in February? How was your Valentine's Day, did you do anything special? Link me up in the comments section!


~~Books Read in February~~

February was a hectic month, I moved (again - yes I am getting tired of it but this is the last time, we bought a house!). With all the packing and moving and unpacking books kind of were on the backseat to all the other stuff going on. It was a 4 star kind of month in the case of books, and a lot of Middle Grade in Feb!



  1. Congrats on buying a house!! That's a big deal. We bought our house about 8 years ago now. It was so hard for us to find one we liked that fit in our price range.

    1. Thank you ! It was so stressful but I am super excited :)