Mar 28, 2014

Graphic Novel Challenge Update #2

Graphic Novel Challenge Update #2

**March Comics (so far)**

February was a bit of a dud month in the way of comic reading. :( 

These covers will go to Goodreads
Angelboy Vol. #1
by Nicole Beguesse
Note: violence and LGBTQ themes

Already added to the March Link-up - My full review is HERE

Source: Angelboy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Short Reviews for Various Comics
Source: the below comics were all purchased by myself or my husband
Harley Quinn #3 (The New 52)
Release Date: February 19, 2014
Imprint: DC Comics 
Note: Not for kids- violent and bloody

I am really enjoying this story arc, but not because it is wonderfully plot-filled, but because it is ridiculous. Harley always seems to be getting into something crazy, all the while she is being chased down by assassins. I think this issue was the most laugh-out-loud for me so far. 

Harley is lonely on Valentine's day and eats a plant that was left for her by Poison Ivy, it creates a huge problem - anyone who smells her wants her, for various reasons. Hilarity ensues and Harley is her normal violent and resourceful self. Quinn #4 (The New 52)
Release Date: March 19, 2014
Imprint: DC Comics
Note: Not for kids- violent and bloody
Another wonderful quirky showing from Harley this month.
This issue is the first we see her actually going to work and once she is there is takes it upon herself to 'help' her patients. I found this issue adorable, in the sense that Harley is really trying to help. Only things never go the way Harley plans and this is another instance of that. 

Harley overreacts at an old lady telling her that her family never comes to visit her and Harley takes it upon herself to fix that. The family she picks up is hilarious in their own right and really made this issue funny, but it was not one of the better ones. Hill #6 
Release Date: March 12,  2014
Imprint: Vertigo
Note: Not for kids- some nudity and violence

My husband picked this one up for me because of the art
and it "seemed my style comic" only problem was that it is #6. I read it anyway and yes it does seem like a story line I will enjoy. The main character is female and creepy in her own ways and the storyline focuses on a witch and a family legacy. So all in all my husband knows me pretty well.

Eve, the main character, seems independent and able to take on the horrors around her, but I really need to read the earlier issues. Hill #3
Release Date: December 11, 2013

Imprint: Vertigo
Note: Not for kids - some nudity and violence
I read this issue after #6, which is silly I know, but hubby brought it home for me. The Coffin Hill story is a little bit easier to grasp now that I have read this issue but I am still missing a lot of the plot from the previous issues. There was sex and nudity in this one, more than I expects, that is fine but it seemed to be most of the plot here.

Moon Knight #1
Release Date: March 5, 2014 Marvel Comics
Note: Violence

My friend Justin brought this one to my attention and I am
a fan of comics about wacko people and Marc Spector is just that. A 'hero' with multiple personalities who fights in all white (must go through a lot of bleach!). The first issue is about serial killing and Mr. Spector is brought in to help dispose of the criminal.

This is the beginning of a new series and I am excited to see how it proceeds. I am hoping for psychological plays all the time :) here's to hoping!

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  1. You've read some GREAT comics this month! I am a little behind and need to hurry to get some more in this month.