Mar 10, 2014

Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway! -- Angelboy by N. Beguesse

WARNING: Angelboy is for Older Teens (Age 16+) and it is NOT for kids at all.

Angelboy Vol. 1 by Nicole Beguesse

Genre: Manga / Fantasy

ISBN: 978-0989887908
ASIN: 0989887901

Number of pages: 198
Cover Artist:

About the Book

Cyrus is a normal teenager whose life is abruptly ended when he’s brutally murdered!...

He reawakens as Angelboy in a town he doesn't recognize. Unable to be seen or heard by anyone, Cyrus tries to make up for the effects of his wasted life...

Only to find his world inhabited by the devils of peoples' minds! He battles hell's vilest demons for something more valuable than the entire earth... ...a single soul!

Ok, so before readers get crazy a about  three star review, I would like to remind everyone that 3 stars here on Cover2CoverBlog means that I liked it. I did like this manga, it was beautifully drawn and I loved the pictures. 

Where it fell a little flat for me was the storyline, I was confused a lot of the time. I understand, the main character dies and comes back as angelboy; I understand that he is fighting evil; I also understand that he is confused about his situation. What I was confused about too was that situation. He is an angel, yes, but what is his purpose, why is be brought back? Why is he fighting? Was the guy he fought in this book really evil? was something possessing him? I am so confused! I do not want to spoil what was an interesting book, so I cannot really say too much more, but I felt like the whole book was just there and then all of a sudden there was a random realization on the readers part at the end. But I am not sure what it had to do with the rest of the
story. (I am being vague on purpose - huge spoiler otherwise).

I just needed more character development early on. Why should I care about this boy? Because he died? - well I didn't and don't know him. Because he is an angel? - well that means nothing to me without knowing its purpose. It just fell flat for me there. The story was cool to look at though! The drawing is amazing, I loved it. The variation of style was great. I just wish the story was more like the drawing.

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About the Author

Many years ago I was in a bookstore when I came across a volume of manga by the all-female Japanese team CLAMP. It was at that moment I understood the storytelling power of manga and how it was so unlike anything I had ever seen before. Since then, I've been studying day by day to draw and write my own manga series. I have a BS in Computer Science from the University of Florida and a Master's in Sequential Art at SCAD.

I am currently living in Savannah, GA.