Feb 7, 2014

Blog Tour: Review, Excerpt, & GIVEAWAY! -- Launching Sisters to WitchCamp by LRS

Launching Sisters to WitchCamp by LRS

Genre: Middle grade fantasy
Publisher:  MuseItUp Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77127-482-1

Number of pages: 118
Word Count:  31474
Cover Artist: Charlotte Volnek

About the Book

Sixth-grader J.J. learns there are no easy breaks in life.

When J.J. discovers the opportunity to send his maddening sisters off to WitchCamp, he has fantasies of a delightful summer. However, J.J. and his friend are soon off on a ride they didn't anticipate -- one that lands them in a chilling mess of witch hunts and creature feasts.

With his creative ideas, J.J. utilizes their risky escapades to escape. But making deals with superhuman creatures just lands them in hotter water.

Now it’s up to J.J. to save them all from certain death by being more imaginative and daring than ever before.

My rating:

Launching Sisters to WitchCamp is about two young boys who are excited for their summer vacation, but cannot stand their sisters around holding their big plans up. To alleviate the situation they happen upon a website for WitchCamp and make a plan to send their sisters. When it actually works they are surprised but very happy, until a few days later when the sisters are still gone and they begin to feel bad about it. J.J. has the idea to join them at camp, only it leads to hunting for monsters, nasty food, and a lot of angry witches.

This was a very fun book to read; the pace was quick for young readers and the action kept the reader attentive to the story. I think that the brothers and sisters working together and also sending one another away showed a lot of troubles many kids have and the ability to come together when you really need to. I thought the main character, J.J. was funny and his ideas while often crazy, were also the types that young readers will enjoy.

While short, this book packed a lot of punch for young readers and was imaginative and fun to read.

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“Crack open your piggy bank and we’re out of here.” I propel DaveyBoy to Main Street, and hit the costume store. Diving in to a pile of wigs, I pull out two that will do the job. My wig is shiny black and the hair hangs down to my elbows. DaveyBoy’s is a brown mop of frizz, which extends halfway down his back.
The manicurist looks like she’s ready to call the crazy house when we saunter in to her salon and ask for fake long nails. Money does the trick, though, and soon enough we exit with long nails polished in black. 
DaveyBoy clears his throat. “Um, J.J., what exactly are we doing? Are we going to a costume party?”
“Don’t you get it, dude? Our long hair and nails are tickets to the WitchCamp!” 
He walks straight into an electric pole.
“Ouch.” I wince.
He rubs his temple and looks at me with puppy dog eyes. “Tell me you’re joking.”
 “A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. But, cheer up, buddy. Think of it as an amazing adventure we can add to our list of summer escapades.”

About the Author
LRS has a master’s degree in psychology. For more than ten years she pretended to be working while she was on the floor enjoying playtime with kids.

She has lived on the eastern and western coasts of the U.S.A, as well as abroad, and currently resides in Canada with her family. Wherever she is, she can’t pass by a toy store without going inside.

When she's not writing, she can usually be found in her kitchen, where she’s either baking (and sampling) cookies or stirring a pot. (Unfortunately, she has yet to find a magical spoon.)  

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