Sep 28, 2017

Recent Reads: The Third Coin by J.A. Howard

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The Third CoinThe Third Coin by J.A. Howard
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date:  July, 2014

Format:  Paperback



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Finally a girl-powered fantasy adventure packed with action, mystery and true friendship. Great for Harry Potter and Percy Jackson lovers!


Brilliant Bea Brightman has popularity down to a science. After attending eight schools in as many years, she's a master at making friends. That is until her father, a world-renowned archaeologist, moves them to New York City to pursue an ever-elusive coin. There, she meets the decidedly unpopular Nisha Lakewood who may hold the key to finding it - only Nisha wants nothing to do with her. Nisha Lakewood doesn't fit in anywhere. The kids at school say she's a witch able to make children fly. Yet at home, her fortunetelling Aunt finds her disappointingly normal. However, as Nisha approaches her thirteenth birthday, things begin to change. The magic she never believed she had is suddenly showing up when she least expects it, and the nosy new girl, Bea Brightman, is on to her secret. As different as the two girls are, they soon find they share a mysterious connection. And when Bea and Indy, a good-natured boy from the neighborhood, decide to pay Nisha's Aunt a visit, the three are set on an adventure that includes a mysterious prophecy, an unbreakable oath and one amazing coin. The Third Coin, has been described as "fun, funny, inventive, with delightful characters and plot twists that will surprise you." According to Kirkus Reviews, it is a "fantasy novel for young readers that blends classic Arthurian legends with a teen drama...the quest-driven plot will keep young fantasy fans engaged."
Pitched as a great book for Harry Potter and Percy Jackson fans, this was a wonderful read and it did not disappoint! It has fantasy, magic, mystery, friendship, and adventure all rolled into a nice neat package. 

The book follows two girls, Bea and Nisha, who have to come together to find a mysterious, lost coin - that if not returned could end the world as they know it. This was such a great story, it had friendship and issues, it has problem solving and mystery and it was a grand adventure.The book took a little while to pick up and get going but once you hit the half way point, the plot just chugs along. 

The characters were all very interesting, I think I related most with the misfit - Nisha versus Bea -who seemed to have things figured out. Indy was a great addition to their group, he was a great personality and I loved that he wrangled the girls when they needed it. My only disappointment here was that the by was cast as the protector and I think a girl would have been just as capable. BUT overall it was a wonderful character dynamic and I enjoyed them all together.

The plot was a bit strange and took a good amount of build up but it came together well and there were a few twist at the very end that I really was no expecting and really enjoyed them.

I think that original pitch stands true - if you were/are a fan of Harry Potter or the Percy Jackson series, this is a wonderful book.

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