Feb 20, 2017

Let's Compare: Recent Read/ TV Show - The Reptile Room by Lemony Snickett

The Reptile Room (A Series of Unfortunate Events, #2)The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket
Series: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Publisher:  Harper Colins Publishers
Publication Date:  September 30, 1999
https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/27405327-pop-manga-coloring-book?from_search=true  https://www.amazon.com/Pop-Manga-Coloring-Book-Beautiful/dp/0399578471?ie=UTF8&SubscriptionId=1MGPYB6YW3HWK55XCGG2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0399578471&linkCode=as2&redirect=true&ref_=x_gr_w_bb&tag=x_gr_w_bb-20

Format: Hardback
Source: Borrowed from the Library



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Dear Reader,

If you have picked up this book with the hope of finding a simple and cheery tale, I'm afraid you have picked up the wrong book altogether. The story may seem cheery at first, when the Baudelaire children spend time in the company of some interesting reptiles and a giddy uncle, but don't be fooled. If you know anything at all about the unlucky Baudelaire children, you already know that even pleasant events lead down the same road to misery.

In fact, within the pages you now hold in your hands, the three siblings endure a car accident, a terrible odor, a deadly serpent, a long knife, a large brass reading lamp, and the appearance of a person they'd hoped never to see again.

I am bound to record these tragic events, but you are free to put this book back on the shelf and seek something lighter.

With all due respect,

Lemony Snicket

A Series of Unfortunate Events Poster
The Reptile Room Part 1 and Part 2 Episodes 3 & 4
Series: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Network: Netflix
Publication Date:  January 13, 2017- present

A few more episodes in and I am still enjoying this series but in these episodes while still very true to the story there were a good amount of differences - minor ones but still.

So the book, The Reptile Room follows the children to their next guardian, Morty . He is a herpetologist, or snake scientist, who has a very large collection of reptiles. In the book Count Olaf is not far behind the children and disguises himself to wiggle his way into their lives with Morty. Sadly, it does not end well as the title of the series suggests.  This installment in the series is the first time that things seem to be looking up for the children and as a reader you really hope that nothing bad will happen. Like the last book, this one is great at defining loads of words for young readers and also lots of parts of writing for example in this novel we learn about dramatic irony - and it does it in a way that is easy to understand, fun, and engaging in the overall story.

So the show... these 2 episodes did their very best with the books plot and outline. A lot of the bigger explanatory pieces are there but the explanation at the end about Count Olaf's plan was a bit different here and there was a movie theater scene which was not in the book but gave the viewer more information about the parents/ whatever secret society thing is going on... but the books have yet to touch on that aspect at all. Looking forward to learning more.

I am loving the series, both book and show and already have the next book in hand. Happy reading/ watching! 

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