Nov 26, 2015

Recent Reads: Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve in Tiger Trouble by Grant Goodman

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Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve in...Tiger Trouble!Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve in...Tiger Trouble
Series: Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve #1
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Date:  May 4, 2015


Format: Paperback



Goodreads Synopsis: 

Thirteen year-old Agent Darcy is one of the top students at the Bureau of Sneakery, where there are three rules every agent must follow: never make friends with an outsider, never speak of the Bureau, and never reveal your real name. Lately, Darcy has hit a rough patch: her rival, Agent Serena, keeps outdoing her. If things keep going this way, Darcy is convinced that no one will ever assign her a real mission.

Ninja Steve’s city, Ninjastoria, is the home of sword fights, throwing stars, and Tae Kwon Donuts. Unlike his genius older sister, twelve year-old Steve isn’t the best ninja student. He’d rather be swinging a sword instead of taking notes in class. Steve, however, is about to learn that being a true ninja means far more than being able to use a sword.

When Darcy is sent to Ninjastoria as an exchange student, it will turn both of their lives upside-down and raise all kinds of questions:

What do the mecha-moles want? Who is the man in the gray mask? What do ninjas eat for lunch? And why is there a menacing tiger on the cover of this book?

Time to read and find out!
Can we start by talking about this synopsis? This book sounded wonderful from the very start with this wonderfully funny blurb favorite "and why is there a menacing tiger on the cover...?" oh my, I laughed out loud and still think this is a clever marketing scheme. Love it.

Now on to the book itself, this book was a pleasant surprise. It was super action-packed, witty, fun, and I think a middle grade reader will absolutely love it. The story is told from alternating point of views; a girl named Darcy and a boy named Steve and they come together and end up having to fight a tiger. I love Middle Grade books that alternate points of view - I think they can gain more styles of reader that way.

The book's plot was funny and had enough action to keep me reading - I sat down with it and was able to finish reading it in one sitting. The book is about 180 pages or so, so it isn't too long or too short. It had just enough mystery in the end to make me want to pick up whatever is coming next.

Overall, the story was enjoyable, the characters maybe a bit flat but I think there is a lot of room for details in coming installments. I think that middle grade readers will definitely like this one. 


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