Nov 27, 2015

Early Reader Review: Drones by Chris Lewis and Bruno Oliveira

Disclaimer: Received from Netgalley and IDW Publishing in exchange for an honest review. This in no way alters my opinion or review of the book.
DronesDrones by Chris Lewis and Bruno Oliveira
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Publication Date:  December 1, 2015


Format: ebook


Goodreads Synopsis: 
Join pilots Stinger and Angel Eyes for a wild night in Las Vegas' finest terrorism-themed hotel. Collecting all five issues of the hit miniseries, this book is a satirical look at a world in which terror and entertainment have begun to blur.
What on earth did I just read? I have no clue and am so confused. The graphic novel is a satire about terrorists, media, and the 'show must go on' mentality of the media and people in the world today - or at least that is what it seems to be. 

I have to say that I stopped reading this about half way through and though about just not finishing it, I was confused about the plot and what was happening and even about who the characters were. There was a lot of action and not enough explanation, and even the when the time and place was listed on the pages it was not clear when things were occurring in the timeline of the story. All of this made the novel very difficult to follow. 

I think that knowing that it was to be a satire and a critical look at terror and entertainment, as the synopsis states, made it easy to see that those things were in fact occurring, but it was a hard read for me. 

The characters all kind of ran together and the drawing was at times more sketchy making it more difficult to distinguish between the numerous characters. Overall, even though I did finish the book, it was not a very enjoyable one for me. Sometimes that is just the case. Others may find this less confusing and actually very entertaining.


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