Nov 2, 2015

Discussion Day: Book Recommendations

Today is a Discussion Day here at Cover2CoverBlog. I am trying to start these a little more since they seem fun :) I hope you enjoy and if you have any topic suggestions let me know in the comments.

Today's Topic
Book Recommendations

As a blogger and reader I am constantly getting book recommendations and they really NEVER end. So today I want to talk about the Book Recommendations and how I handle (or not handle) them.

Here are some of the types of recommendations I regularly get:
  • Amazon - You looked at/bought _____, others have also bought ______.
  • Goodreads - Based on your shelf, here are some similar titles...
  • Friends - these can be in person, on Goodreads, on social media
  • Review Requests - You read YA, my book is YA! (Disclaimer: I love getting book review requests and I am NOT knocking them - keep 'em comin'!)
  • Family- mostly in person
  • Emails featuring new books and if you liked ____ you will love ____ articles.

I love getting book recommendations, but here is the issue I have with them: My TBR (on Goodreads) is already over 300 books long and as new books come out, it only gets longer. Then on top of all of those books, I occasionally go to the library and grab something too that might not be on the list.

Now, I love being recommended a book but sometimes it feels so daunting - I mean - one more book on the pile, the person recommending it probably loves it and what if I don't?, and the there are my blogger obligations too. [insert heavy panicked breathing] THERE ARE JUST SO MANY BOOKS and not enough time to get to them all!

To add to the madness, there are times when I am recommended books outside of the genres that I read for pleasure - that is awesome and sometimes it is great to branch out, but I REALLY love my YA and MG books, that is why I read them. So for those other books, they may be wonderful, but I don't wanna [imagine me throwing a 4yr old style temper tantrum].

So long story short, how do I handle book recommendations? Well normally I just tack them onto the TBR and re-assess the list every few months. I ask myself: Will I ever really read this book? If the answer is no, I remove it. As for those books recommended in person, I normally try to tell the truth - 'YA is my thing, I like it so thanks bu no thanks'. However if I was already thinking about reading the book, I just tell the recommender that it is on my radar/ TBR... someday I may read it.

 Do you like getting book recommendations? How often do you pick up a recommended book? How to you handle the pressure of the never-ending TBR?

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