Apr 19, 2018

Early Reader Review: Little Bear and His Chair by Claressa Swensen

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Little Bear and His Chair by Claressa Swensen 
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Little Bear has a favorite chair, and he doesn’t want anyone else to sit on it. When his stubbornness gets in the way of his friendships, Little Bear has to decide what’s more important to him. A short story that teaches the value of friendship, and the importance of sharing.
Little Bear and His Chair is about a bear that has a favorite chair and doesn't want anyone messing it up. He does everything he can think of to keep others off if it. He tells them and puts up signs. When one of is friends doesn't respect this request Little Bear gets angry. His friends decide that he is not being very nice and choose to play without him.

This book has a lot of layers for a children's book. There is a sharing lesson to be learned, and about treating others and their things with respect. There is also a lesson here about being kind and friendship. 

I am an adult reading this book without a child, and I found it very cute. I read a few reviews before getting the book thus prompting me to read it to see it for myself how I felt about it. Some reviewers have noted aspects of bullying in this book - I can see where they are getting that but I do not believe that it is intentional. I think that may books with lessons of sharing and friendship have this element but because it is so in the spotlight right now we are more tuned into it. I can recall my siblings and myself (when I was much younger) having similar issues to Little Bear, sometime you have things you don't want to loan out and other kids get mad at you and one kid will almost always pass on this news. So, this book is not inaccurate and I don't feel like it was intentionally trying to show that bullying is ok.

This is a book that is trying to help parents and kids talk about sharing and friendship at its core - however, if you see fit as a parent to talk about bullying while reading it as well - that is completely up to you.

About the Author:
Claressa Swensen resides in Northern Utah with her husband, baby girl, and her two dogs. She has written four children’s books, including Teensy the Littlest Fairy and Dino Dino Doing Homework. Her books are currently available in seven Barnes & Noble locations across Utah. Her work has been featured in Readers Favorite and over 10 different reading blogs. 

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