Mar 30, 2018

Monthly Re-Cap: March 2018

Hello Readers, Bloggers, and Awesome people! 

(And GRAMPS! - I hear you have been reading my blog☺️
Love you, miss you!)

Not sure why these months are just flying by. I hope April goes a bit slower - it is my birthday month :) 

March was pretty low-key, work was SUPER busy so social outings weren't as often. I did go out for St. Patty's with a friend nothing crazy just dinner and I attended a coloring party while the hubs was at a tattoo show in Maine. We had another friends-Sunday dinner -  taco night 🌮🌮. These are so much fun.

On the blogging/reading front - I am getting back into it all. I have been reading a good amount and the posting is more consistent (I think). Yay for pre-planned posts! I participated in Bloggiesta and am working on some Blog Ahead which will be done soon (I need to get to work!)

How was your month? What are your goals? What did you read this month?

~~Reviews Up This Month From Previous Re-Caps~~

Crafty Cat and the Great Butterfly Battle (Crafty Cat #3) by Charise Mericle Harper (MG, GN) - 4 stars
My Bed by Anita Bijsterbosch (Youth)- 4 stars
Unicorn of Many Hats by Dana Simpson (GN, MG) - 5 stars

Reviews still on their way to you: 
April 2018

Brothers Unite (Secondhand Heroes #1) by Justin Hansen (MG, GN)
In the Trenches (Secondhand Heroes #2) by Justin Hansen (MG, GN) 
The Last Battle (Secondhand Heroes #3) by Justin Hansen (MG, GN)
The Lost Path by Amélie Fléchais (MG, GN) 
Deep Water by Watt Key (MG) 
Simon and the Big, Bad, Angry Beasts by Ian De Haes (Youth) 
Fish-Boy by Vanita Oelschlager (Youth)  
All Summer Long by Hope Larsen (MG/ GN) 

 Coming soon in 2018 ...

Today I'll be a Unicorn by Dana Simpson (Youth)
The Golden Glow by Benjamin Flouw (Youth)
Fox and Racoon by Lesley-Anne Green (Youth) 

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