Mar 20, 2018

Early Reader Review: Crafty Cat and the Great Butterfly Battle by Charise Mericle Harper

Source: From First Second Books and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This in no way alters my opinion or review.

Crafty Cat and the Great Butterfly BattleCrafty Cat and the Great Butterfly Battle by Charise Mericle Harper
Series: Crafty Cat #3
Publisher:  First Second Books
Publication Date:   April 24, 2018

Format:  Ebook



Get your paws ready for crafty time! From beloved author Charise Mericle Harper comes Crafty Cat and the Great Butterfly Battle, a new adventure in the Crafty Cat graphic novel series.
Everyone in Miss Domino's class is excited about the school play and its lead role, the super-sparkly butterfly. Birdie knows she’d be perfect for the part―unfortunately, she’s not the only one who feels that way. Eight other classmates also want the starring role. And even worse, one of them is Anya! And doesn’t Anya always seem to get her way?
Who can save the day? Crafty Cat! As her alter-ego, Birdie can craft her way out of any disaster. With tape, tissue paper, and her can-do spirit, Birdie will find a way to shine on stage.
Join in the fun: Instructions for five easy do-it-yourself projects are included.

The second book in this series was not the best, but this installment brought it back for me. In this issue, Birdie wants to be the butterfly in her school play but another girl in her class wants it too, she must find a way to accept the possibility of not being the part she wants. I liked Birdie/ Crafty Cat in this issue again, she wanted something, couldn't have it, and handled it very well and I think that is a great lesson for younger readers. Anya the other girl in the issue is always the troublemaker and she is kind of a brat, I think that these books should take more time emphasizing that her behavior is not acceptable, but as long as our main character Birdie is a positive role model I think that is something.

In this issue there are also loads of great crafts, and it is probably my favorite thing about these graphic novels is the crafts - we have bookmarks, lanterns, and butterfly clip craft templates that all look like a lot of fun.

If you have a kid that loves crafts this is a great series for them and the instructions tell you everything you need.

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