Nov 30, 2017

Monthly Re-Cap: November 2017

Hello Readers, Bloggers, and Awesome people!

The month of November was a whirlwind. I got more tattooing done, it's not finished yet but have only one more sitting to finish my wings (Photos to come).  I participated in the HoHoHo Readathon and read six out of seven books I had listed for my TBR pile. There was Thanksgiving in there too and loads of work stuff going on at the term wrapped up and my faculty were traveling.

The biggest thing though was that I participated in NaNoWriMo... I have been saying/ typing for a long time that I am a reader not a writer and I still feel very strongly about that but this year in October I decided I wanted to go all out and try this writing thing. I talked with the husband and we talked about plots and stories and I outlined and planned and then November 1st... I started writing. 

I got that first little badge about updating a word count on the NaNoWriMo site and lost it - it says "Also, no bigs, you've started a freaking novel!" I started a draft and got 30K words done. I didn't outline enough to reach the full "win" goal but it was still a victory for me. I have a (horrible) first draft and I will play with it and see what happens but I was happy for myself. I kept it all a secret from a lot of people though - I didn't want to fall on my face and have everyone see. But I'm proud of what I did and thought I would share. I will be posting a Vlog update on the YouTube Channel ...real soon ... jk NOW.

How was your month? What did you read?

~~Books I Read in November~~
Deadman's Tome Monsters Exist Fliers: 20 Small Posters with Big Thoughts Hubble Bubble: The Wacky Winter Wonderland (Hubble Bubble Series) Baseball Bats for Christmas One Christmas Bear When Santa Was a Baby Christmas at Mistletoe Cove In Real Life The Lighthouse Santa  Lizzy the Lioness  Lies We Tell Our Kids The Girl Who Saved Christmas  A Windy Spring Day by Wendy Dunham

How did I do on my November TBR + HoHoHo Readathon TBR?
  • Not good on the November TBR, I didn't get to them too much going on: 0/2 
  • But I did pretty good on my Readathon list, and finished it after the Readathon: 7/7

~~Links to Some Reviews~~

One Christmas Bear by Anne Vittur Kennedy (Youth) - 5 stars
Fliers by Nathaniel Russel (Adult) - 4 stars
The Deadman's Tome: Monsters Exist by Various (Adult) - 4 stars
Lizzy the Lioness by Lisa Bevere (Youth) - 4 stars 

~~Reviews Up This Month From Previous Re-Caps~~
Nick the Knight, Dragon Slayer by Aron Dijkstra (Youth) -5 starsThe Giant Pumpkin Suite by Melanie Heulser Hall (MG) -4 stars
The Death of Death by K.N. Parker (YA)- 4 stars
The Painting by Charis Cotter (MG/YA) - 4 stars

Once Upon a Tree by Dawn Jarocki and Soren Kisiel (Youth) - 5 stars
Quiet Girl in a Noisy World by Debbie Tung (GN, Adult) - 5 stars
Breaking Up is Hard to Do...But You Could've Done Better by Hillary Campbell (GN, Adult) - 3 stars
Northstars Volume 1 by Jim and Haigen Shelley (GN) - 4 stars
Queso! by Lisa Fain (Cookbook) - 5 stars

Reviews still on their way to you:

Coming in December...
The Very Very Very Long Dog by Julia Patten (Youth)  
Washington DC Monsters by Rebecca Moeller (Youth) 
Hubble Bubble The Wacky Winter Wonderland by Tracey Corderoy (MG)
Baseball Bats for  Christmas by

Coming in 2018 ...
Crafty Cat and the Great Butterfly Battle (Crafty Cat #3) by Charise Mericle Harper (MG, GN) 

My Bed by Anita Bijsterbosch (Youth)
Fish-Boy by Vanita Oelschlager (Youth) 
Lies We Tell Our Kids by Brett Wagner (Adult, GN) 
A Windy Spring Day by Wendy Dunham (Youth, MG) 

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