Nov 27, 2017

Discussion and Giveaway! Getting Rid of Books?!

Today is a Discussion Day here at Cover2CoverBlog. I am trying to start these a little more since they seem fun :) I hope you enjoy and if you have any topic suggestions let me know in the comments.

Today's Topic

Getting Rid of Books...?

AHHHHHHH, this topic always hurts me a little on the inside. Getting rid of books - who would do that? Why would we want to? Where do they go? Well in today's discussion I want to hear from you in the comments but also I am going to tell you what I have been doing with my 'extras'...

First off, obviously I blog about books because I LOOOOOOVE books... so it is expected that I have some... some might be an understatement.

Here is just a taste of the mess that is my house... 

I have a few shelves as you can see here - we have a built-in that the hubs made me in the office, it holds mostly Adult Fiction. Then I have a tall shelf and a short one with Young Adult books, and then another short shelf with Middle Grade books.

[It should also be noted that I have comics all over the place and more books and reads on my desk and I have NO SHAME]

We recently re-did the dining room and that is where all the bookshelves were. we decided to move them all to make the space more dining room like and less of a library (I want ALL the rooms to look like a library ... but apparently that is not pleasing to the eye for some 😜).

So we moved one shelf to the upstairs hall and the other ones into the office. I have to admit they look nice in their new homes but before getting them pretty I had to do a bit of paring down... thus the purge. 

I touched all the books.

For the YA shelf, which was moved to the office, I took all the books and piled them on my desk - mostly to get them back into alphabetical order by author, and then I decided I needed more space. So I started to go through the books, the ones that I have bought and then never read or that I won in a giveaway pack that weren't really for me,  and the ones that I had read and just didn't really enjoy but was still hoarding for some reason. 

I decided that I would offer up these sad cast-offs on the blog to anyone willing to pay shipping, and when there were no takers I decided to print up little notes and leave them in the Little Free Library in town. I had about 20 books from my YA shelf and I gave about 6 to people at work, I saved one for my sister, and the rest I took in two trips to the Free Library. 

The notes I included said the following for the advanced copies (even if they were older) and then had my blog url because I am without shame as you know:

The book you are receiving is from Cover2CoverBlog. The book was received as a promotional item for review and cannot be sold when you have finished reading it. Please book-fairy it on to its next reader.
 Then a few days later I tackled the Middle Grade books and came up with another stack, it was much smaller about 10 books and most of these when to friends with kids in this age group.
I still haven't gone through my 'adult' shelves but need to at some point. Otherwise I do Giveaways!!! When I think you guys need books (and I have the $$ to ship them).

So in the spirit of getting rid of and giving away books - tell me how you pare down your books and you could win a new one :) 

Giveaway is for a random MG or YA Book

  • U.S. Residents only.
  • Winner must be 13 with a parents permission or older.
  • Please no giveaway accounts, you must have other content in order to be eligible. 
  • Please be truthful about your entries - I will be checking.
  • Winner should respond to prize email within 48 hours or forfeit their prize to another person.
  • Prizes will be mailed as media mail and Cover2CoverBlog is not responsible for anything that may occur during the shipping process.

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