Sep 14, 2015

My "Invaluable" Bookish Wishlist

My       Book Wishlist

I was recently contacted by a very cool website -, an online auction house. They asked me to build my dream literary collection of vintage books and share it with the world (ahem, internet). 

While this is a huge task, I figured I would keep it short and simple - because we all know that asking a reader to make a list of books they want is like asking someone to put a number value on infinity (can you do that? I don't know - math is icky)....anywho, here it goes...

Photos will link back to the Lots on :),-dr.-seuss,-others-27c-c-feb4d01945 
1. First up, some Dr. Seuss - Invaluable has a few options for the rhyming author such as prints, books, and even (when I was on the site) a Thing 1 costume. Perfect if you already have Thing 2 :)

 2. Growing up I was drawn to the macabre writing styles of this famous Baltimore Poet - Edgar Allen Poe and Invaluable has this beautiful 10 volume set - they are so lovely... the books... although Invaluable's site is pretty nice too.,-33c-c-6294266b56

 3. Do you remember Little Golden Books?! I feel like as a reader - a kid reader- so many of us loved and cherished these books. My fave was the Poky Little Puppy... he was adorable.
 4. This particular lot had a collection of other books in it, but the one that stood out to me was by the queen of mystery, Agatha Christie. When my mom realized I was an avid teen reader, she bought me a copy of Body in the Library, I loved that book and devoured most of Christie's works... if you haven't read any, you should.
 Collections are never complete unless they have a coy of Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass in them. So much of reading is about being taken out of the real world and thrown into fantastic, mysterious, unbelievable places with crazy people and characters - Carroll does that and more. This is certainly a classic and an early edition is indeed on my list :)

These are just a few of the offerings at Invaluable. They also have art, collectibles, antiques and other fabulous stuff to look at and bid on to your hearts content.

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