Jun 24, 2013

Recent Reads: The Beautiful and the Cursed by Page Morgan

The Beautiful and the Cursed (The Dispossessed, #1)The Beautiful and the Cursed by Page Morgan
Publisher: Random House Audio
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Format: Audiobook
Source: Random House Audio for Review
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Background: Ingrid and her family have recently moved to Paris for her mother to open a gallery like she has wished for forever. Her son has gone ahead to set up house and when Ingrid and her mother and sister arrive they find Grayson missing and without clues there is no way to find him. Ingrid and Gabby are whisked into a world of the supernatural, demons and gargoyles fighting a good versus evil battle that will never see closure.

Review: This was a beautiful book, the Gothic genre was wonderfully done and gargoyles are a paranormal entity you do not find very often in YA books, unlike the reoccurring zombies and vampires lately. Morgan sets a detailed picture of Paris past and builds the supernatural world in a spectacular fashion.

The story is told from all the children, Ingrid, Grayson, and Gabby take their turns to chronicle the going ons of their lives and the strange things happening to them all. Each has their own secrets and interesting personality. Ingrid is reserved but strong, Gabby is stubborn and rebellious as the youngest, and Grayson is often stupid and too trusting, but interesting because there wasn't too much from his POV. He is still mysterious.

I went into this book thinking it was going to be a stand-alone and was excited because I love stand-alones these days where many are not... and then realized I was wrong. Which actually did not upset me too much because there is still so much to learn about the story and the characters.

I really enjoyed the characters and the male counterparts to the girls, but did have some logistical issues with the plot. Everything really spans from the Waverly's returning to Paris...right place, right time kind of thing...and I can't stand that. I mean what would be the case if only Grayson comes to Paris and that is it? or only Ingrid? or none of the family? This really irks me because the plot and timing all depends on their family. I can only hope the author writes in how it all came to be and why they are there at the right time in later installments. I will have to read to find out.

This is a Young Adult series called the Dispossessed. The Beautiful and the Cursed is the first book in the series.

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