Jun 3, 2013

BEA 2013 Re-Cap (Part 2)

Hello again lovely readers! I wanted to tell you about the awesomeness that was BEA this year...

I had a wonderful time in NYC with my husband attending BEA for the first time this year, all thanks to my marvelous family who all chipped in to help me go: Meghan, Dad, Carol, Howie and Auntie! I love you all and thank you!

So I know that many people do their tips list before BEA but this was my first time so here are my thoughts about all of it and pics of the goodies and fun!

Some things about NYC and BEA:
1. If you get into the city early, do not spend a day walking around the city then going to BEA, make plans for another trip -- Andy and I walked Central Park and the MET on Wednesday before the exhibitors opened on Thursday and so by the time we got to the show we were exhausted and sore :( 

2. Comfy shoes are a must! I was so glad I thought about this, I work my flats and they were great the whole time, until they started falling apart due to all the walking, but they were old...so my bad.

3. You would be surprised to know that people, bloggers, librarians, exhibitors all dressed very well for the event. On Thursday I wore a nice colorful shirt and comfy skirt and on Friday I wore long shorts with a frilly tank and was a little under dressed I felt like. Most people there are there to work so dress accordingly if you do...casual work is what it seemed to be. 
Friday BEA2013

R.L. Stine :)

4. If you are planning to eat, plan out your day. The food at the expo center was great, but super expensive. You could easily leave the expo and walk a few blocks over for restaurants that are better priced. While reading the internet before I left I thought around Jarvis was going to be empty of food, I think it is just because people didn't want to walk ... If you don't mind the adventure walk a few blocks out, there is a bunch there.

5. There is so much to say for shipping books. I wasn't going to cave and ship anything, but a 20lb backpack and still a day to go through the fun was killing me, so I shipped things back home. It was costly but worth the lack of pain on the way home...and the room left for more goodies before we left (Andy thought I was crazy).
The Cute!

6. Cabs! So I live near Washington DC and in DC it is pain to get a cab, you have to call the dispatch and pay crazy amounts, in NYC they are everywhere all the time and about $1 rate :) utilize these if you don't wanna walk/ shuttles are full. They drive like maniacs but it is part of the NYC experience!

7. Rolly Suitcase and a backpack! I brought a backpack and a duffel on the trip and my shoulders were killing me when I got home. What I found at the show was that few people actually brought a backpack...and it is brilliant for this kind of thing. Think about it, even weight on your shoulders and load so room for goodies...run outta space? then you grab a free bag and fill it too....As for my duffel, not such a hot idea. Bring a rolly suitcase for clothes and books it is easier when leaving after walking.carrying things for 2-3 days.
@EpicReads #TeaTime Ladies!
 8. Have fun! Yes there are lots of people and lines that are super long, but have fun with it all, you have the chance to meet awesome authors, publishers, editors, other bloggers! Live it up.

Favorite moments: 

Meeting the @EpicReads ladies...they knew me by my twitter handle and that rocked my socks.

Getting RL Stine's and Chuck Palahniuk's autographs, OMG I love these writers:)

 All the goodies...can't leave that out. Thank you to all the publishers for everything you do for bloggers, we truly appreciate it!

Have questions about BEA or the Experience? Let me know! Comment below!


  1. I see our signed cover of EXTRACTED in your goodies! Thanks for showing it off, we really appreciate it! I'm glad you had an awesome experience at BEA. We walked for lunch also, did you go to Clyde Fraziers? I thought it would be packed too, but it wasn't and it was delicious!

    1. Yup! it was awesome to meet you! We walked but went to Cupcakes and Burgers.. it was pretty good and we got in there before a rush so it was quick and yummy!

  2. Oh it sounds so fun! I'm on the other side of the country, and have two small children, so there's no way I'm able to go until they are older. I did go to ALAMW though so have an idea of how crazy it is. I had a backpack with wheels so I could switch it off my shoulders when it started to hurt. I also had lots of totes that I kept filling and dropping off at the coat check. I was driving so on the second day I just parked my car in the garage and was able to load directly into my trunk and that worked much better. But oh man, the feet! I actually wore tennis shoes but I still got a black toenail somehow. But still, it's so worth it!