Aug 10, 2018

Early Reader Review: Giant by Xuan Loc Xuan

Source: From Netgalley and Happy Fox Books in exchange for review. This in no way alters my opinion or review.

Giant: The Panda of the Enchanted Forest
Giant: The Panda of the Enchanted Forest by Xuan Loc Xuan

Publisher: Happy Fox Books
Publication Date:  August 14th, 2018

Format: Ebook



Goodreads Synopsis: 
This engaging children's picture book tells the wonderful story of Giant, a panda bear. Giant is lounging in the majestic Sichuan forest, chewing on his bamboo shoots. Suddenly a forest fire starts because people from the city are clear-burning the forest for development! Giant seeks help and tries to extinguish the fire, but everything seems lost. It will only be by the heroic sacrifices of Giant and his friends that the forest and its inhabitants are saved. Featuring charming illustrations from talented Vietnamese artist Xuan Loc Xuan, Giant: The Panda of the Enchanted Forest is an invitation for kids to get in touch with nature and respect unfamiliar animals and trees at risk of extinction.
I really love pandas, one of my first stuffed animals (that I still have) is a panda. So I love seeing them in books. This was a cute tale about a panda and his forest and friends.  The story is about a fire that threatens Giant and his home and he has to get people to help him put it out. There is problem solving and the ending is very cute but the illustrations were so pretty too.

The pictures while seemingly simple are very nice and the colors pop to keep the attention of younger ones. Another nice thing is that there aren't too many words, so the story is fairly short and parents can keep those pages moving to also keep attention. 

I thought this a fun book, I really loved the panda main character and I think that younger readers will enjoy listening to this story.

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