Aug 8, 2017

Early Reader Review: Crafty Cat and the Crafty Camp Crisis by Charise Mericle Harper

Source: From Netgalley and First Second in exchange for an honest review. This in no way alters my opinion or review.
Crafty Cat and the Crafty Camp Crisis (Crafty Cat, #2)
Crafty Cat and the Crafty Camp Crisis by Charise Mericle Harper
Series: Crafty Cat #2
Publisher: First Second Books
Publication Date:  August 15, 2017

Format: Ebook


Goodreads Synopsis: 
Second grade isn't always a breeze for Birdie. There are just so many opportunities to embarrass herself! But Birdie's got a secret weapon that nobody knows about--her alter-ego, Crafty Cat! Birdie can become Crafty Cat without anyone noticing, and she always manages to get herself out of a jam using her awesome crafting skills! When Birdie goes to a day-camp for crafting, she knows she's going to have a great time and be the best in the group. But when things go wrong, can Crafty Cat help Birdie set them right?

From Just Grace and Fashion Kitty author Charise Mericle Harper comes the next volume in a hilarious, charming, and sweet new graphic novel trilogy for elementary-age readers about a little girl who can craft her way out of any situation.
In this installment of Crafty Cat, we go with Birdie to craft camp held at her school. She is so excited to go but is surprised by some things that have her feeling disappointed and sad about the day.

Birdie must overcome her disappointment, learn to deal with a bully, and figure out how to see things from other people's perspectives during her camp experience. While talking with her friend (a cloud) she learns to be strong and stand up for herself, that it is ok to show emotion but also to talk it out and that she needs to be able to share other interests as well as her love of crafting.

This book, while a graphic novel, was on the longer side. Birdie has a lot of conflicts and I think that for younger readers these might have been better received if they had been broken up a bit. I also think that while Birdie does well in the end that she tends to be a little bossy and annoying at first and not a totally likable character - she is a bit rude sometimes. 

However a lot of this is made up for by the crafts and tutorials at the end of the book - they include supply lists and instructions and I think that parents and kids will really enjoy them. Most of them are paper crafts too so you won't need many things!

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