Oct 3, 2016

October 2016 TBR Pile

So in 2015 I wanted to hold myself more accountable for my ridiculous TBR pile and I started doing a Monthly TBR post .... only it didn't last very long, I think I only posted for the first 2 months of the year :/

Now that we are in 2016, I really want to try again, so here is my Monthly TBR...
ALL THE BOOKS! I am going big this month (even though I have a lot of events happening). I am trying for some good spooky/ Halloween/ Fall themes this month...

October is also BLOG AHEAD, so I will be scheduling as much as I can for the Holiday season, you can sign up too by clicking on the photo below. My Plans Are Here
Blog Ahead 2016-Oct

The Seeds of Nightmares   Stolen Away   Vampire Romance - SLAVE TO A VAMPIRE 1: Catherine: (Paranormal Vampire Romance)   Curse of the Boggin (The Library, #1)   Lady, Thy Name Is Trouble   OMG… I Did It Again?!

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