May 16, 2016

Mini Review: Harley Quinn #26 by Amanda Conner Jimmy Palmiotti

Harley Quinn (2013-) #26Harley Quinn #26 by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti
Publisher: DC Comics
Publication Date:  March 23, 2016


Format:  Comic
Source: Bought/ Own



Goodreads Synopsis: 
In the aftermath of her encounter with The Joker, Harley’s head is spinning, and she wants nothing more than to get back to her normal life...but she should know by now there’s no such thing! A new era in Harley’s life is beginning, and she has NO idea what’s coming at her!
Mini Review: 
Still loving these comics. Harley is adapting to like after The Joker and she is trying to figure out how her life should be. And how best to get life back on track but than to take up her normal everyday activities ... like some skate-club to the death... Her next opponent is the Red Tool (a great name but it suits him) we will see what happens in the next issue. I was giddy about the decision to change Harley's hair color in the comics for "cinematic" effect (tee-hee).


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