Jun 11, 2015

Mini Summer Bloggiesta!! - June 13-14

Summer Bloggiesta 2015

It is that time again - another Bloggiesta, this time it is a MINI one, just the weekend!
If you don't know what Bloggiesta is, it is a time when we bloggers clean up our blogs and be super productive. You know - all that maintenance stuff we all loathe doing - well Bloggiesta is our party together to get it all done. Do you have things to do? Join up! Linky is here.

So here is the Cover2CoverBlog/ Steph's gotta do list:

  • Edit/ Update the Reviews by Author Tab
  • Comment on some (if not all) of the Bloggiesta goers
  • Back up the Blog
  • Participate in the Twitter Party (Sunday, June 14, 3pm EST)
  • Read some things/ Write some reviews - read a book and prepped a review and got half way through another book :)
  • Pre-schedule some fun stuff

And that is it my lovelies! Wishing all the Bloggiesta-ers GOOD LUCK and Have fun!!

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