Apr 6, 2014

Recent Reads: Rose by Holly Webb

Rose by Holly Webb 
Series:Rose #1
Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Publication Date:  September 3, 2013


Format: paperback
Source: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky in exchange for an honest review- to prepare for the Rose and the Lost Princess blog tour.


Goodreads Synopsis: 
Rose isn't like the other orphans at St Bridget's Home for Abandoned Girls. Instead of dreaming of getting adopted by loving, wealthy parents, Rose wants to get a job and be independent. She doesn't need anyone but herself. She finds her escape working as a maid for Mr. Fountain, an alchemist. Unable to ignore the magic that flows throughout the grand residence, Rose realizes that just maybe; she might have a little bit of magic in her too. This new series featuring magicians, witches, talking cats, mist-monsters, and friendships will have young readers in a trance!

After requesting Rose and the Lost Princess from Netgalley and contacting the publisher about a blog tour for it, I realized that there was a book before it -- and I am normally so good about sleuthing this before requesting titles. The cover for the Lost Princess was adorable so I could not resist. Upon learning there was a book before it, I got Rose (book 1) from the publisher in anticipation for the Lost Princess tour, and I am so glad that I did. Rose and her story are beautifully written, they peaked every emotion a Middle Grade book should, even so far as being terrifying at some points. 

Book one of the Rose series begins with Rose at an orphanage and she realizes that she may have strange powers. As she tries to suppress them, she is adopted as a housemaid at a prominent magician's home and learns more about what magic is and how it can be used. While adjusting to her new home and life, Rose learns that there are children going missing, and upon returning to the orphanage she learn her friends have been mysterious found by their parents. 

The plot continues as Rose and other children learn who is behind the kidnappings and try to rescue them. But what was really fun about this book was all the magic. In Rose's world magic is real and people use it, some are afraid and some are ok with it. The plot is both fanciful but deep in that magic can be used for evil, and very evil at that. The book brought on anxiety, dread, and disgust as you learned the back story of the kidnapper and their purposes. 

I really enjoyed this book very much, I am sad that I may have overlooked it if not for Rose and the Lost Princess appearing in my Netgalley list. I am so happy to have found the series and all of its adorable, playfulness.   

Book 2: Rose and the Lost Princess review and giveaway go live tomorrow! 

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