Apr 25, 2014

Blog Tour w/ Giveaway!: Rock 'n' Roll Princesses Wear Black by Kelly Polark

Rock 'N' Roll Princesses Wear Black by Kelly Polark

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Music class and recess totally rock, but being teased in school and ignored at home totally stinks. Stefani Lucas is a rockin’ sixth grader who loves music and dresses like a mini hipster in all black, but there's one thing cramping her style - her lame baby brother who manages to hog all the attention from her parents.

When classmates tease her about her clothes and even double dare her to (gasp!) wear another color, Stef decides a minor makeover may be in order.  Can Stef change for others and still stay true to herself?

Stefani is a rock ‘n’ roll princess learning to deal with real world situations of being in the 6th grade, having a baby brother who is a huge pain, and dealing with fitting in at school – which is a problem because she does not like wearing color. Stefani is a young girl trying to figure out her place but not wanting to conform to the same clothing and styles of all the other little girls at her school and in her class. She is semi-confident in her choice but also bummed; she gets made fun of, a lot, for this decision.

I found this middle grade read to be entertaining and fast paced. I was in a non- reading kind of mood but still managed to read it in about 2 sittings. I found the characters interesting and relatable, in that they are a family of four dealing with a middle schooler and a baby and some things fall through the cracks, no family is perfect, but at least Stefani’s is pretty cool.

I think that this will be a great book for middle grade readers, there are rumors and bullying and the mean kids and Stefani does try to express her feelings to her parents about the problems she is having in school (not grades, but kids making fun of her). I think that unique, outside of the box kids can read this book and know that it is perfectly fine to be yourself and stand up for your beliefs, even if they are as simple as wearing black instead of colors.

An interesting side note: I, for one, am still getting the “you need to wear more color” talk from my family, sometimes you just gotta go with what you know, and black goes with everything.  Happy reading!

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About the Author
 Kelly Polark is a married mom of three and educator/author from the great Midwest. ROCK 'N' ROLL PRINCESSES WEAR BLACK is Kelly's debut middle grade novel. She is also the author of the ABC picture book, ROCKABET: CLASSIC EDITION and two Meegenius books: BIG SISTER, BABY BROTHER and HOLD THE MUSTARD! In her free time, Kelly loves to hang with her fam, read books for all ages, and sing along at rock concerts.

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  1. Oh this sounds like a really good read. I like the main character but I'm afraid I'm too old to be able to connect with her. I'm really happy you enjoyed it. Great review :)

  2. I haven't seen a great MG in a while. Thanks for reviewing this, I really think I'll enjoy it!