Apr 4, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Cover2CoverBlog

After the wonderful Bloggiesta, I got to thinking about some fun posts I could do for my blog and one that I stumbled upon was 'behind the scenes'. Now I know I am not an awesome movie or book where a behind the scenes feature would be super awesome and promotional. However, I am a blogger and I function in a virtual world but I am a real person behind this computer.


So without further ado, here is a typical Sunday for Cover2CoverBlog and myself, Stephanie (the one who writes here!)

Before we start here are a few things about me: I live in Vermont, it is normally cold and snowy here - I love the snow!; I am married (no kids); We just bought a house, so there are many DIY items coming up once it is warmer; and I also have a day job as an Administrative Assistant - I specialize in paperwork, problem solving, and grant management for a Dean of Academic Affairs. When I am not doing house, work, being-married things - I blog, read, and play World of Warcraft (badly).
A typical Sunday here at Cover2Cover means many things:

If my husband is working --
  • Make lots of Coffee - the most important meal of the day!

  • Open all my email accounts and read emails/ reply to people/ add blog event dates and reviews to Google Calendar - speaking of which, BRB need to check the work email real quick -- OK back!

  • Scramble to finish my Building the Book Pile post - This is just about every week. I start it midweek and then completely forget until Sunday morning :/

  • Once BtBP is finished, hop over to Bloglovin and read some blogs!
  • As I am reading blogs, try to convince Cooper to get off of me  - I love him but he is heavy and likes to mess with the computer.
  • Sometimes I write posts for later in the week. :) Yay being productive.

If my husband is NOT working -- 
  • Make lots of Coffee - the most important meal of the day! 
    • And then get sad when there is none left because hubby is here to share it :(

Bookshelves in my Reading Room + Where the Coffee Lives
  • Open all my email accounts and read emails/ reply to people/ add blog event dates and reviews to Google Calendar 
    •  While I am in the middle of this I normally get up to make us breakfast - yea, real food not just coffee.

  • Scramble to finish my Building the Book Pile post 
    • Sometimes I am also asked to do the following - Take the dog out, Google something, Go get dressed because we are going somewhere. -- These are not bad things, they are just life happening.   
  • Finally get dressed and go out of the house to to real-world/non-blog things.

I love my husband, he keeps me grounded and not glued to a computer 24/7. He is also the reason Cover2Cover even exists. So all the love to him! 
Are you a blogger who wants others to learn the person behind the computer or a typical blogging day in your shoes? Email me at cover2coverblog [at] gmail [dot] com and Cover2Cover will feature you on a Behind the Scenes post :) -- Or not that is cool too.

Happy Reading Everyone!


  1. Wow I really loved this! :) Sometime I should try this out - sadly, my blog is often neglected these days between my day job (running a health club for plus size individuals) and my night/weekends job (running my own travel agency). it was fun getting to know the person behind the blog though!

    Hey, if you are interested by the way, I'm doing a giveaway on my blog right now for a great book: http://authorjess.blogspot.com/2014/04/recommended-read-and-giveaway-lexicon.html

    1. Thanks, and thanks for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. Love this post! I think it's great when bloggers insert a bit of personal stuff and show their personality through their blog posts. I have three cats and they all think they own this place! haha. My days look a lot like this too- coffee, emails, blogging, etc.