Dec 28, 2012

Recent Reads: Send Me A Sign by Tiffany Schmidt

Send Me a SignSend Me a Sign by Tiffany Schmidt
Publisher: Walker Books for Young Readers
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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Background: Mia is a teenage, cheerleader, who loves to look for signs. She is superstitious and she just found out that she has cancer. Send Me A Sign follows Mia through her life as she tries to hide her illness and her realization that it isn't something she can accomplish without hurting those around her.

Review: Why has it taken so long for me to read this book?! I am suck a slacker and I am kicking myself for it. Tiffany Schmidt did a wonderful job writing this contemporary novel. I was apprehensive to start reading a book about someone dealing with illness, this is why I stay away from contemporary so often, they are depressing and never the turn around I hope for in characters. This was different, I felt like I could relate to Mia and her struggle and her reasoning (some of the time...not all), I think the impact it had on me really made me question my high school years and how I would have been impacted by such an enormous change in my life.

By reading this novel you get a few things, yes there is a love story, yes there are depressing and sad parts, and parts where you want to rip your hair out because of Mia's stubbornness, but what you really get is an inspiring, information tale about a teen dealing with the stages of cancer and how to deal with the physical and emotional struggle. The physical was hard to read about, but the emotional really hit home and I applaud the author for this book and wish her the best in everything else she writes.

If you like contemporary-get this, if you like teen romance-get this, if you are a sucker for sob stories- get this!!!

As you can probably tell, I love this book. One of the best of 2012.

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