Aug 3, 2012

Early Reader Review: Wake by Amanda Hocking

Wake (Watersong, #1)Wake by Amanda Hocking
Available: August 7th
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Audiobook: Macmillan Audio

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Background: Gemma is a normal girl, except that she is obsessed with swimming, but how else is she going to make it to the Olympics? This summer Gemma is thrown a loop when three girls appear in her small town, making her and others uncomfortable. They invite Gemma to hang out with then and she begins to uncover their darkest secrets.

Review: I really enjoyed this book, it was an easy Audiobook to listen to and it was great to listen to now because it is summer and I have been watching some of the Olympic swimming. So everything just kind of fell into place.

I was surprised at how well Hocking pulled me in, I was immediately drawn to both Gemma and her sister Harper, even though they are two completely different types of people. The suspense was masterful! I had some idea of what was happening and then I was completely thrown off guard by details.

At first I thought I was reading another love story with supernaturals in it, but in reality this was so different, yes there is a love story and yes there are supernaturals, BUT this was far closer to a horror movie than a frilly, make you swoon supernatural love tale....

The characters are great. Harper, Gemma's sister, is the protector. Gemma is the fearless jock, and Penn, Lexi, and Thea are hot and just plain creepy. It was a good mix to have.

I think that if you like focus on the supernatural in a creepy way, this is for you. If you are looking for a love tale, there is a little of that but...not really. Either way, great summer read.

**Audiobook provided by Macmillian Audio in exchange for and honest review**


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