Aug 7, 2012

Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway-- Mishap and Retribution by MM Shelley

Mishap & Retribution (Mishap Series/Book 3) by M.M. Shelley

Genre: YA/ Fantasy/ Sci-Fi
Number of pages: 302
Word Count: 56,662



At the Dawn of Time a curse against Man was made and only Death will satisfy it. 
The year is 2045 and twins Grasiella and Tatiana who are Cinerian, Fae and Human must choose a side and may find themselves on different sides of an ancient war.

With Tatiana trapped in the Fae realm and learning what life has been like, she has found herself bonding with the Fae. Grasiella seeking the whereabouts of her twin has come to a crossroads of her own. 

Separated and neither knowing the fate of the other, each make their way to an uncertain future.
Death has swept across the Hawaiian Islands and the cost of peace may be too high.

Short Excerpt:
Grasiella kept a safe distance between herself and Missy as she followed her through the thick jungle of the Big Island of Hawaii. Missy was keeping something from her; she could feel it and Grasiella had to know what it was. It was not an easy task to locate Missy or to follow her, Missy was fast and she seemed to fly from tree to tree. She suddenly vaulted onto the ground only to run like a gazelle around the trees and brush. Grasiella had never needed to work so hard at trying to stay concealed; she had experienced a close call the first time that Missy had come crashing to the earth from her high perch in the trees. 
  Earlier in the day Missy had agreed to meet with Grasiella after receiving a gnome who had carried the message. Grasiella had needed to swipe a strand of hair from Missy without her realizing what she was doing; she had used the strand of hair for a tracking charm. It was the only way that Grasiella was able to keep up with Missy; if not for the charm she would have lost her miles back.
Over the course of the last few weeks Grasiella’s skills at charms had improved, it was a skill she had never thought to use for anything other than her own amusement. Now she had no choice but to use her magic as a way of discovering the secrets that everyone on the islands seemed to be carrying around with them. Those secrets were pivotal to her and her twin sister Tatiana’s survival. 
Missy came to a stop at the base of the Kohala Mountains her body tensed as she stood unmoving. Grasiella used the trunk of a tree to block herself from view and peeked out to watch carefully. It seemed as if the air had become still and the noises of the jungle had come to a halt as she anxiously waited to see what Missy would do next.
Missy’s head rolled to the right, her right arm rose level with her shoulder until it suddenly shot skyward stretching up, her palm opened filling with the light from the sun. Ever so slowly her head rolled to the left and she repeated the movements on the left side of her body. Very slowly her arms began to drop until they rested at her sides and as they dropped a piece of the mountain shifted ever so slightly to the left. Missy kicked out with her left leg jumped into the air and landed on her hands in a handstand position her back to the Kohala Mountains. Her right leg bent backwards and very slowly she touched the mountain with her foot.
Another piece of the mountain shifted aside this time it revealed an opening in the shape of a trillion. Missy pushed against the ground with her hands, swung back around until she was on her feet and strode into the mountain, sealing it shut behind her.


About the Author

 M.M. Shelley is a storyteller, word smith and dreamer. She has traveled the world extensively in search of the magic which is often overlooked in every day life. M.M. Shelley is a native of southern California, and a student of mythology from which she gets much inspiration.

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Tour wide giveaway is 5 paperback copies and the grand prize is a Kindle touch!
Mishap and MayhemMishap and Mayhem by M.M. Shelley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Background: Grasiella and her twin Tatiana have been sent to one of the Hawaiian islands to stay with their grandmother. While there they learn of their family legacy and how it is immersed in magic and ancient beings.

Review: I was surprised at how this book picked up, the first few chapters were a little slow for me, I think it was because I was confused about some things that were not addressed until about half way through...but anywho, this was a fun story.

The twins are easily likable, but they lack some character development int he beginning that was only achieved (I feel) at the very end of the book.
I enjoyed the dark creatures and the story of their past and how Shelley incorporated the legends of the islands into the tale. It was very interesting to read.
Lots of supernatural people and creatures, a lot of mythology, and an adventure that you cannot wait to find out what happened.

Mishap & ChaosMishap & Chaos by M.M. Shelley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Background: Book two of the Mishap series, starts were Mishap & Mayhem left off. The twins are still in the Hawaiian Islands with their grandmother, who now has gone missing and it is up to the girls to find out who took her and why, all while still dealing with the evil Mnemosyne, who has gained companions since the last events took place. On top of the twins’ dilemma, Kye is being shunned by family members who think his powers are out of control and he is a monster.

Review: Wow… loads of characters in this book. We still have some of the same from book one: the twins, Kye, Kana’i, Pele, and Mnemosyne; but now we have Viktor, James and Mira, and a bunch of family and faeries. It was a little hard to keep track of who was who, sometimes. This book is a continuation of Mishap & Mayhem, the twins are still earning about themselves and their abilities, while Kye and Kana’i are learning who in their family they can trust now that times have changed.
I enjoyed reading this book, like the last, and Mishap & Chaos just right into the action, picking up immediately, no reintroduction of characters and themes, just right on with the plot line, which I think is a positive and a negative. Positive because I had just finished the 1st one, negative because what if I hadn’t, and needed a recap? Really enjoyed how these are from the point of views of many of the characters not just the twins, gives you some perspective as to what else is going on.
I think that this series is great for anyone who likes mythology, a lot of action, and a lot of character involvement.

Reviews of  Mishap and Retribution (#3) coming soon...

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