Jun 7, 2012

Armchair BEA: Day Four Discussion -- Beyond the Blog

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aBEA Discussion Today: Beyond your Blog

Today the discussion is about "opportunities for you beyond getting free, advance copies of new books? Has it helped you get offers to write or review elsewhere (maybe even for pay)? Have you gotten invites to special events or places you might not have been to otherwise?" To read other people answers chick here.

As I expressed yesterday, I have only been blogging for a few months so I really haven't had many opportunities to go 'beyond' it.  I do get free copies of books, which is wonderful in and of itself but I am working to do other things...very slowly though.

I currently am a part of Amazon Affiliates, but that only makes money if people click and buy through there...so I don't really make money from it. I added it to see how it might work. I though about starting Google Adsense, but honestly it scares me a little. While I think advertising is great, I also want to be able to have a little more control about the ads, I also don't think I get enough traffic for them yet.

As for writing reviews elsewhere, I have not been asked, but I also have a lot on my plate as it is. I work two jobs and blog and with that blogging is a lot of reading :).

I think that as my blog grows I will become more open to new things. So until then, I am just taking it slow, hopefully connections will be made.

Hope everyone is having a great time with aBEA, sad to see it ending soon. Thanks to everyone for great posts, conversations, and love.

<3 Steph aka Gorelenore


  1. In addition to my blog, I also review at BookTrib.com and it is a lot of work for a hobby! I think you are going about things the right way - slowly and critically because you don't want to become overwhelmed and lose the sense of fun!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate you stopping by.

  2. Slow and steady is the best way. Give yourself some time to get your feet under you and balance life. Then you can move beyond. Great post!

  3. Two jobs and a blog, I am impressed. I still after a few years consider myself a newbie. Fabulous progress in a few months.

    1. Yea, it is a lot but, they are all things that I enjoy so I keep up with them all :) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. If you ever want to start expanding, offering to guest post for a blog you already follow is a great way to start. I have not personally done this but I have asked a few to write for me. It's a small way to connect with more people :)

  5. Yeah, I tried Adsense and I wasn't really a fan. You don't really get much control with ads. They tend to match your content a bit, but even then, they're not really the type of ads you'd choose yourself. I haven't tried advertizing since my blog got a bit bigger, but I'm not really sure I want to. I guess I'll see in the future. Who knows maybe I'll change my mind. :)

    I try to volunteer to guest posts or certain features on other blogs, which is a good way to get some traffic to your blog, and it's also a good way to do a favour for other bloggers when they need people for their features. :)

    Thanks for sharing! :)
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