Nov 19, 2014

Early Reader Reivew: Princess Ugg #5 by Ted Naifeh

Princess Ugg #5 by Ted Naifeh
Series: Princess Ugg
Publisher: Oni Press
Publication Date:  November 19, 2014

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Format: ebook
Source: From Oni Press in exchange for an honest review. Receiving this book in no way effects my opinion or review.



Synopsis from Oni Press: 
Trouble is brewing back in Grimmeria, but Ülga’s studies are steadily improving, much to the astonishment of her peers and teachers. She even catches the eye of a handsome guard captain. But Ülga is still a Grimmerian at heart - which will come in handy when her carriage is besieged by bandits!

In this installment of Princess Ugg, Ulga is beginning to realize the true nature of the other princesses that surround her and more and more realizes she is very different from them and their world. 

I enjoyed this comic, Ulga is trying to be herself more and has made some friends in her new princess life - I was happy for her. As always I really liked the illustration and colors used in this one, especially in the dresses the girls wear- very pretty. 

I read somewhere that this series is similar to the Courtney Crumrin series (which I love) and I do see a lot of similarities with that - strong female protagonist, outcast, stubborn and sarcastic... I think these characteristics make for good reading regardless of how alike the comics are. 

Can't wait to see what happens next to Ulga.  

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