Nov 9, 2014

Building the Book Pile #114

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Hello again! BTBP is on time again and I am back to reading like crazy. I read two Graphic Novels this past week and completed a book, started and finished another and got about 20% into a third  -- woot woot!

This weekend I am away from home visiting my Grandfather and family in southern VA and so I am actually writing up this post early (before I leave). 

edit: [begin rant - sorry in advance] I am at my grandfather's house with a bunch of family and as much as I love family time, sometimes I really dislike it. I am an adult and it still hurts to overhear someone in your family calling you a nerd just because you like different things than they do... I normally embrace my nerdiness but this time it was mean and hurtful and behind my back and I would love to tell this person off and point out all of their horrible qualities -- instead I am blogging... don't you wish you could just rage-quit family sometimes?! [end rant]

I hope you all had wonderful weeks reading and blogging. Let me know how it is going for you in the comments.

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    Review: The Swallow: A Ghost Story by Charis Cotter (MG)
    Review: Stitching Snow by R.C. Lewis (YA)

    No Books Received this Week - at least as far as I remember :P

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    Have you missed anything lately? 

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    Early Reader Review: The Littlest Pet Shop by Georgia Bell (GN) - 3 stars 

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     Happy Reading!

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    1. I hope you are having a great time in VA with your grandpa!