Sep 29, 2014

Early Reader Review: The Adventure of the Thimblewitch by Eric Orchard

Maddy Kettle: The Adventure of the Thimblewitch
The Adventure of the Thimblewitch by Eric Orchard
Series: Maddy Kettle Book 1
Publisher: Top Shelf Productions
Publication Date:  September 30, 2014


Format: ebook
Source: Netgalley and Top Shelf Productions for review. Receiving this book in no way effects my opinion and review.



Goodreads Synopsis: 
Eleven-year-old Maddy loved working in her parents' bookstore... especially when joined by her pet flying toad Ralph. But that was before the mysterious Thimblewitch turned her mom & dad into kangaroo rats!

Now Maddy's on the adventure of a lifetime. To save her parents, she'll need to sneak past an army of spider-goblins, scarecrow warriors, and much more... Fortunately, an assortment of new friends await, including the cloud cartographers Harry and Silvio, a bear and raccoon who explore the world in their moon-balloon. They'll help her along the way, but in the end, the fate of everyone will depend on Maddy's courage, compassion, and creativity.

Full of surprises and stunning artwork, Maddy Kettle is a truly magical debut for Spectrum-Award-winning cartoonist Eric Orchard. Climb aboard and let your imagination soar!

This graphic novel is for the middle grade reader and it is wonderful. The pages are filled with creative settings and characters. The book features a young girl on a mission to help herself and her parents get back to a normal life, so the book jumps right in, no initial back-story. Maddy wants to go after the Thimblewitch, a magical creature that has ruined everything and now Maddy's parents have been turned into mice.

Maddy sets off on her adventure with her parents and a flying frog named Ralph and they are after the Thimblewitch - who has made life very difficult. As the story progresses you visit a variety of characters and creatures that will definitely spark a child’s imagination. The colors are rich and vibrant and the drawing is beautiful. I really enjoyed this story. Maddy is creative and imaginative and a real hero. She becomes friends with wonderful characters and the adventure is just that, an adventure. 

This was a wonderful read for me and I believe young readers will enjoy it as well.

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