Jul 15, 2014

Early Reader Review: Rocket Girl: Volume 1 Times Squared by Amy Reeder

Rocket Girl Volume 1: Times Squared
Rocket Girl: Volume 1 Times Squared by Amy Reeder
Series: Rocket Girl Volume 1
Publisher: Diamond Book Distributors
Publication Date:  July 22, 2014


Format: ebook
Source: From Netgalley and Diamond Book Distributors in exchange for an honest review. Receiving this ebook in no effects my opinion of the book.


Goodreads Synopsis: 

A teenage cop from a high-tech future is sent back in time to 1986 New York City. Dayoung Johansson is investigating the Quintum Mechanics megacorporation for crimes against time. As she pieces together the clues, she discovers the "future" she calls home - an alternate reality version of 2014 - shouldn't exist at all!

Dayoung Johansson is Rocket Girl, a teenage cop sent from the future to the 1980s to stop the megacorp Quintum Mechanics from developing a machine that will inevitably lead to her futuristic world and existence. The series is set in a series of flashes between the present (the future) and the past (1986) and the goings on of Rocket Girl, her patrol and the megacorporation behind everything that exists in her world. Dayoung must figure out whom or what she must stop to alter reality, as she knows it and destroy her home time period.

Rocket Girl Volume 1 is a compellation of issues 1-5 and is a wonderful start to this series. Amy Reeder’s art is absolutely stunning and vibrant and the action scenes that take place throughout will surely hold your attention. The story line is great too, the peaks of the story are interesting and thought provoking and even a little over the top and strange when it comes to the futuristic bits, but it was a brilliant story arc in this first volume. I am excited to have found this on Netgalley and hope to grab a copy of Volume 2 when it becomes available.


  1. This sounds really interesting!!! I might have to read it!

    1. This was a really fun story you should pick it up :)

  2. Oh man, this sound so awesome! I LOVE this concept!

    1. It was such a great concept I cant wait to see where it goes as the story continues.