May 28, 2014

Armchair BEA 2014: Expanding Blogging and Novellas/Short Stories

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Hello Again Everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful week so far with Armchair BEA and have won some prizes! (If not tune into some Twitter parties and make sure to visit sites and comment) 
Today for Armchair BEA we are discussing Expanding Blogging Horizons and Novellas/ Short Stories :)

Expanding Blogging Horizons!

As one of the helpers of aBEA I got to experience the behind the scenes fun that went into planning the agenda for aBEA... there was a lot of great discussion. Some of that discussion was focused on today's topic of Expanding Blogging Horizons. There were many people that felt expanding horizons meant vlogging, podcasts, other media outside of just the blog. I think that those things DO expand your blogging horizons if you are interested in them, but I also took this discussion day to mean a lot more.

Community Outreach
 I, for one, have done a good amount of things in my communities (plural because I have moved in the middle of my blogging endeavors) and I feel that while my blogging isn't necessarily benefiting - I am as a reader and blogger.
For example. for the last two years I have been given the honor to participate in World Book Night  as a book giver. My job as a giver is to pass out free books to those in need of books. 
wbn logo no date 
This year I gave away Agatha Christie's After the Funeral at my local community center dinner and the response was super positive! I got a lot of "free book....why?" but as a book lover there doesn't have to be a reason. I explained my love of books ans my love of sharing them with others --just cause....
My blog is one thing in my life, books and what it means to share them with others is a lot more of it, that is why the blog is there in the first place (well that and my husband said I should get a hobby). I feel that sharing books with real people in the real world expands my blogging horizons.
But the Pageviews!!?!?!?
That is not to say that I have not ever tried to help my blogging numbers, because we all look at those and *sigh* occasionally. In this aspect I have tried vlogging but I always feel like a goob and end up not posting them. Maybe I need to just get over that feeling. Do you Vlog? How did you get over feeling ridiculous about it, or did you not ever feel that way? Let me know, I need the helps!
I have also tried to get more involved with the blogging community, because for a while there I was reading other blogs but my blog and I were in our own little world. In the past year I have tried my hardest to comment on the posts that I like and relate to and state discussion on books -which is what we are here for right?! I have also participated in more blog community things like read-a-thons, Bloggiesta, Review-a-thons, aBEA :) 

Those too have allowed me to branch out more and more as a blogger. What have you tried?

Novellas and Short Stories
Novellas! Good, Bad, Eh?
In the last few years I have been overwhelmed by the number of novellas that authors have for various series as extra tidbits. I find them wonderful!!!! but also kinda frustrating... here is my thoughts on this.
If I read a series...say 3 books...but don't read the novellas, have I finished the series? NO!!!! I feel like I am missing something because I know that they exist.  
They can be wonderful for adding to the story line of other POVs so I can enjoy them, it just keeps prolonging the end and I feel that I need more stand-alones in my reading life. 
Short Stories 
Wow, I love that short stories is one of the topics this year, I have a few that have left me with wonderful memories of reading. So here they are :)
The Lottery and other Stories by Shirley Jackson 
This book! OMG I love this book so much. The Lottery is so messed up but a WONDERFUL short story (speaking of which I need to re-read this book... hmm need to go to the library) 
The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe
The Complete Tales and Poems 
Can you really go wrong with Poe? I think not! 
What are your favorite short stories and novellas? and as always Happy Reading! 


  1. I would like to try vlogging again, but I am pretty happy with myself until I get a look and listen on, I doubt it. Danielle might be enticed. Katie already did a flat out "NO".
    Getting out in your community is great. I love the idea of book night. Sounds very positive.
    -Flirting with Fiction

    1. Book night is an amazing experience I love it. I am still and will probably forever be on the fence about vlogs :/ for me that is, I love watching others :)

  2. I forgot all about World Book Night. I think that is a very important way to get out there into the wider community.

  3. I love your take on expanding your blogging horizons. You are so right...thanks for the reminde. I am working more on getting myself out there this year!

    And...The Lottery...need we say more. What a story that one is.

  4. That's so awesome you gave away free books. And indeed I think today's topic can be seen really broadly and I like how much freedom all the topics still give the bloggers.
    I have never tried to vlog, I just can't imagine that going well for me. I don't mind typing my thoughts down, but talking to a screen when no one's talking back just feels a bit weird to me. So I don't think vlogging is for me.

    Concerning your thoughts on short stories, I mostly agree. While I love them, I also feel they are sometimes too rushed and it feels like something extra you need to read to complete your series. On the other hand they are great for catching up on your reading goals, lol.

    1. I am with you! Talking to myself... I do that a lot but it weird when I do it to a camera :/. Oh I love that you mentioned using Novellas for reading goals, completely agree!

  5. I've never tried vlog and never really thought about doing it. Will watch someone else but don't want to see myself

  6. Love Edgar Allan Poe! And I have been seeing a lot of posts that mention The Lottery, so I'm going to have to check it out. I may have read it, but I can't remember. Great post! :D

    1. It is a wonderful short story, the other stories are great too but The Lottery will really stick with you

  7. Great job on donating books to those in need! That's such a selfless thing to do. I know how hard it is to part with a book, especially if you've had it for a very long time. I admire you for that!

  8. I was too nervous to World Book Night this year, not sure what to give out or where to do it, but I've heard such positive things from bloggers who participated that I'll probably apply next year :)

    1. WBN is organized and they can provide books for you to give out.... so that may help others give out their own. I am normally a shy person but talking about books really inspires me to open up -- you would be surprised :)

  9. Read-athons are awesome right? And ugh I totally get you about the pageviews. AND THE VLOGGING! If you find any helpful tips, pass em along please! :D

    1. LOVE read-a -thons! they are amazing. They really kick me in the butt to read :)

  10. I love that you mentioned Poe! He's a longtime favorite of mine. (Thanks, freshman English teacher!) I travel to Baltimore regularly, and I almost always stop by his grave to say thank you.

    Kristen @ Pretty Little Pages

  11. I keep meaning to sign up for World Book Night but have yet to! Great post!

  12. I first vlogged with my co-author so it made it pretty easy. BUT, it wasn't for my blog, it was an interview for my book tour. Maybe you could vlog with a friend for your first one?