Dec 24, 2013

Early Reader Review: The Last Christmas by Gerry Duggan

The Last Christmas by Gerry Duggan
Publisher: Image Comics
Publication Date: December 3, 2013

Format: EBook
Source: Netgalley and Image Comics for Review

My Rating
Goodreads Synopsis:
The writers behind the hit series Deadpool present the sad, funny, and true story of Santa Claus - after the apocalypse! After tragedy strikes the North Pole, Santa turns his back on humanity and gives up on Christmas. Even though the world has been completely overrun by naughty men, there's still one boy that believes in Santa. But could that be the biggest mistake of his life?

The Last Christmas is a mash-up of a Christmas tale with a zombie apocalypse and how Santa reacts to the destruction left behind by the undead and marauders. Upon seeing this as an offering from Netgalley and Image Comics, I was intrigued: 1. Because it was Christmas related—‘tis the season and all, and 2. Because …um zombies! Duh! You really cannot go wrong with brain craving crazies. The graphic novel is just that: GRAPHIC, there are zombies and death throughout and Santa is not your typical jolly St. Nic. On the contrary, he is a badass.

I should also say that this novel only got three stars out of me, there have been so many amazing artists throughout my time reading that while this book and story were interesting and not the norm, the images were not the very best I have seen, do not get me wrong, the artist was amazing and I am envious of the talent. That being said there was a lot more violence than I expected.

Santa, like I mentioned above, is not jolly, nor even nice most of the time. He is drunk, a bit of a pain, and more or less horrible person – all for good reason, he misses Mrs. Claus, but still. I hate seeing Santa in such a macabre fashion.

I did enjoy the story, Santa is distraught and trying to die, but can’t because there is still a child that believes in him, so he is doomed to magical immortality until the kid stops believing. Santa has to choose between his own life and the lives of the few others that still survive after the zombies take over and that is heartwarming and even interesting.

I LOVED the last few pages of the book and the allusion of more to come in the way of Santa as a zombie-hunting Rambo type. So I leave the decision up to you, if you like a gory, off-kilter, drunken Santa type story, this is for you. If you are more partial to the happy St. Nic checking his list, leave this one be.

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