Jul 5, 2013

Recent Reads: W.A.R.P. The Reluctant Assassin by Eoin Colfer

WARP Book 1: The Reluctant Assassin
WARP Book 1: The Reluctant Assassin by Eoin Colfer
Publisher: Random House Audio
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Format: Audiobook
Source: Random House Audio

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Disclaimer: I have not read Artemis Fowl, so I will not be comparing this book series to that one. I know this is horrible -- that I haven't read it -- but I will soon :)

Background: Chevron Savano is a girl of our time, living with computers and advanced weaponry and HD TV. She is also the youngest person in the FBI and she made a huge mistake on her last assignment and was recently shipped off to England to watch over some shiny pod in a basement. Her job is to keep watch: that is it, no touching, no questions, no nothing. That is, until the pod awakens and knocks out about a quarter of the city’s power.

Riley is a boy living Victorian London as an orphan with a madman that has taken him under his wing as a magician/ assassin. Upon Riley’s mission to kill someone to prove himself to Albert Garrick, something goes terribly wrong and he is literally sucked into the future…where he meets Chevy.

Review: W.A.R.P. was such a cool book; it combined time-travel with assassins and a conspiracy theory plotline. It was so much fun to listen to. Chevy is a strong teenage female who is trying to find her place in life and with the FBI, while Riley is a little more vulnerable, but only because he is petrified of Garrick.

The time travel was done in a very interesting way and there were enough questions answered throughout that I did not feel annoyed at the end waiting for another book in the series. The book can be read as a stand alone, but based on the Epilogue there will be another installment.
Chevy and Riley are pared together well, both stubborn and interesting with their background stories and I am interested to see where their lives lead them through this series of books. I really liked Riley more than Chevy, which was different for me. Chevy was very stand-off-ish whereas Riley was more open and inviting about himself and his feelings and I enjoyed that about his character.

This book is for a young adult/ middle grade audience, and as of this book does not include a romantic/ girl swooning element. There is a lot of action and a lot of people die…and Albert Garrick is creepy and horrific when it comes to his stories and character profile, but all in all a wonderful read for all ages!

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  1. Yeah I haven't read Artemis Fowl either though everyone raves about it. Doubt I'll get to that series, but it's cool that this one could be read as a standalone.