Sep 27, 2012

Recent Reads: The Guardians by Lily Raye

The GuardiansThe Guardians by Lily Raye
Format: PDF from Author
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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Background: Elijah and his "family" have been send by the Dominion to be Guardian Angels to the Thomas family after their time of need. Each are given an assignment, aka person, and expected to help them cope with their pain, torment, as well as teenage problems and the story begins with a death.

Review: The story follows two points of view; Elijah who is sweet and shy and is assigned to Abby the eldest daughter of the Thomas family, and Cassie who does not know her assignment since she is new and the Dominion (higher ups) want her to feel for the pain of her assignment to link with them...

I enjoyed this book quite a bit, however I am normally but off by angel books that aren't all for teenage angst and malice... this one was different. Raye kept it on point, the characters are well formed, entertaining, and the story line keeps you questioning so many things. As a reader you aren't sure if the angels are going to stay angelic, or that their assignments are going to make it without committing suicide due to grief and all this rolled into one story was a delight to read.

I received this as a PDF from the author and was a little put off at times by the editing errors, there were a few missing words here and there and some typos, but all in all a great read.

E-Book received in exchange for an honest review.

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