Mar 24, 2012

Early Reader Review: Courtney Crumrin and the Coven of Mystics, Vol 2 Special Edition by Ted Naifeh

Courtney Crumrin and the Coven of Mystics (Courtney Crumrin, #2)Courtney Crumrin and the Coven of Mystics, Vol 2, Special Edition* by Ted Naifeh
Available: August 29, 2012
Publisher: Oni Press

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Background: Courtney Crumrin Volume Two the Coven of Mystics, Special Edition follows Courtney though more of the strange life of her anti-social uncle A. Trouble arises and uncle A is always called upon by the coven to go the dirty work, but when something criminal happens they do not listen to anything he has to say. It is up to Courtney and her band of underworld friends to make it all right.

Review: I love this series, the first issue was intriguing but lacked character development, this one really focused on Courtney and the type person she is, creepy, strange, defiant, but also helpful to those she cares for. I really liked the progression of this story; characters from the last issue reappear and are here to help versus scare the crap out of her. Courtney as a character also grows, she is beginning to get the hang of this witch thing and the creatures that come with her new lifestyle. Wonderful read, Beautiful graphics.

*Cover depicted is not the Special Edition cover

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