Nov 20, 2013

Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway -- Dairy of a Dancing Drama Queen by Louise Lintvelt

Diary of a Dancing Drama Queen (The Secret Ramblings of Harriet Hughes #1) by Louise Lintvelt
Harriet Hughes is not your typical 12 year old girl. She does not like pink and she is not what you would call breathtakingly beautiful. Harriet considers herself decidedly average; her sister Abigail on the other hand is very pretty and good at everything.  Join Harriet as she makes her way through middle school. In diary of a dancing drama queen Harriet has to face the embarrassment of a dance class after her mother enrols her and her sister at Madam Zangara’s School of Dance. She is not exactly the best dancer in the world and when the most popular girl in school, Melanie joins the dance class, it marks the start of a fun filled adventure that includes a birthday party, a talent show and a school dance. Will she get asked to the dance by her biggest crush, Oliver Russel? Harriet writes about family, friends, school and boys in a fresh, young voice and the sketches in her diary (secret ramblings) add a touch of whimsy. This funny book is sure to be a hit with 8-12 year old girls.

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This book made me laugh out loud many times. Harriet's attitude and explanations of her life and the people around her are amazingly full of drama and quirkiness. I loved her character. She is strong and opinionated but also realizes when she should give in to others to do the right thing. The book was only about 60 pages or so (PDF format) and includes sketches from ' Harriet' that are just as entertaining as the story itself. I felt that any young girls would love to read this book. 

Harriet has a great relationship with her family and friends and even makes new friends through the story, ones that are not expected. I have to admit I was waiting for these girls to turn on one another but to my surprise it never happened. It was a lovely and easy read!

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Diary of a Pop Sensation (The Secret Ramblings of Harriet Hughes #2)  by Louise Lintvelt

Harriet is whisked off to New York with her best friends to take part in a talent competition. Harriet has to focus on winning the talent competition while trying to deal with the aftermath of the school dance where she was humiliated by her crush Oliver Russel. Join the Daisies as they experience New York for the first time, navigate the twists and turns of the Tween Talent competition and take on the Trendy Triplets. This second book in the Harriet Hughes series is funny, imaginative and entertaining; the perfect read for tween girls. 

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one! I thought it was a lot of fun too. And I also was waiting for friendship drama and was happy with how it went. Thanks so much for hosting a tour stop!

  2. Thank you for featuring my books. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the first book much.