Mar 13, 2013

Recent Reads: Lily the Silent by Tod Davies

Lily the Silent (The History of Arcadia, #2)Lily the Silent by Tod Davies
The History of Arcadia #2
Publisher: Exterminating Angel Press 
 Available: Now, October 23rd 2012


Format: Paperback ARC- Signed

Source: Exterminating Angel Press and Librarything Early Reviewers program

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Goodreads synopsis:
Lily leads a serene life in Arcadia until the forces of Megalopolis invade. Rescued from slavery by a prince of Megalopolis, Lily is sent to retrieve a very important key. Aided by her friends, her dog Rex, and even Death herself, Lily's adventures take her from the Moons to the Bottom of the Sea, and finally back to Megalopolis, where she faces the decision of her life. Will she choose True Love and relinquish the key to those in Power or will she risk everything for who she is and return the key to Arcadia?

Review: Like many others, I did not realize this was a second book in a series; however that really did not impede my reading of it. I enjoyed the story that Ms. Davies concocted. It was full of interesting elements that would draw the reader in. I think the difficulty was that the story was very detail oriented and I found myself having to re-read many portions to make sure I understood who, what, and why things were occurring.
On another note, I found it every enjoyable that the premise of the tale is that it was ‘found’ and the explanation of it and then that the plot itself was told like it was physically being told to you , like an oral rendition. There were even points when Sophia stops and explains how her mother told her the tale and what details she added or left out for whatever reason. I also really enjoyed the pictures, which helped explain some of the content nicely.
I did not dislike this read, but it was very saturated with detail, like most fantasy is, but some of that detail was strangling. I am curious if more would be understood had I read the first book in the series, but then again I am not sure it would have helped… I appreciate the opportunity to read this, even as slowly as I did.

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