Nov 30, 2012

Early Reader Review: Danger Girl/G.I.Joe (#1-4) by Andy Hartnell and Chris Madden

Danger Girl / G.I. Joe (#1-4)Danger Girl / G.I. Joe (#1-4) by Andy Hartnell and Illustrated by Chris Madden

Publisher: IDW Publishing, Diamond Book Distrbutors
ISBN: 9781613774182
Format: Hardback
Available: February 5, 2013 *

Review Format: EBook

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Background: Danger Girl/ G.I. Joe (#1-4) follows the story of Danger Girl and G.I. Joe joining forces to combat Cobra. Issues one through four are included in this hardback edition in full color.

Review: I have read some of the Danger Girl comics before and was super excited to find this gem on Netgalley. Introducing the Danger Girl team to the G.I. Joe team was a great plan, the plot was action packed and full of surprises and twists. Having these four issues back to back was very nice, I enjoyed being able to continue the story so easily, but was super upset at another to be continued after issue four. I will be keeping a lookout for the next issues.

*Issues are available currently as paperback single issues.

Received this copy from IDW Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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