Feb 15, 2012

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Revelations, By Melissa de la Cruz
Background: Revelations continues the story of Schuyler Van Alen and the Blue Bloods as things start to explode around them. Schuyler is amidst a love triangle and cannot decide what she should do, Bliss is freaking out about blackouts and the horrible hallucinations that have been plaguing her, and Mimi is still bitchy. The Silver Blood threat has not weakened and Schuyler now has to live with the Force’s while Lawrence is off trying to find/ fight evil. The ending was a bit of a cliffhanger.

Review: I still can’t really get over how oblivious the characters are though. Schuyler/ Bliss/ Mimi, all have not put the pieces together nor do they talk to one another about the bigger issues in their lives. Even Schuyler forgets to tell Lawrence that the whole Conclave is in Rio!!! When she was told by them that their reason for going was to “save” Lawrence…. Why wouldn’t you bring up that point as you are getting scolded for showing up too? No clue, not a clue… I guess I will go through more of these to see how the story progresses but these characters need to get a clue and stop acting oblivious. 

Masquerade, Melissa de la Cruz
4 /5

 Blue Bloods, Melissa de la Cruz
Background: Blue Bloods are a secret, they do not exist...or do they? Schuyler Van Alen is a teenage loner, often the outcast of her peers. Suddenly, herself and some of her classmates are invited to join a very  prestigious club and around this time begin learning about their heritage. The Blue Bloods are a very important part of society and have been such since Plymouth. The book follows Schuyler, Mimi Force, and Bliss as they realize they are changing, and they are not sure if it is in a good way.
Review: This book was interesting. It is kinda two books in one, a history of Plymouth and Roanoke and then also a rich teen vampire drama...not sure if drama is thr right word, there really isn't too much suspense.
The book follows a few rich teens in New York, which I found interesting because it seems Schuyler is the main character. The plot begins with everyday things for (rich) teens, like clothing and cliques and then progresses into the history and Blue Blood lineage.
And I keep saying rich for a reason, de la Cruz uses most of her writing to explain the lavish houses, clothes, and lifestyles of these wealthy teens and their powerful families.
I didn't mind the over the top explanations of their wealth as much as that there should have been more plot instead... I look forward to continuing the storyline though, to see if this gets alleviated or whether their wealth is always at the forefront.

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